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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow! Can't believe it's already November! It's almost Turkey Time!!
I didn't realize it, but I never posted a blog I wrote back in Sept!! I guess I forgot, but I answered some comments etc, so it's up now! Sorry it is way late, I should have checked to see that I'd actually posted it!
Well~~Did everybody have a spookalicious Halloween????
I went to a halloween party and hung out with friends... I dressed up as a flowerchild, not to original I know, but super easy and I looked groovy haha! I actually had to work on Halloween and didn't think I'd be off in time to do anything, so it turned out to be a good night for me.
What's everyone up to this time of year???
I've been doing schoolwork and I hang out with my friends alot, Nothing too exciting, we just hang, get coffee (I love Starbucks! but I drink their black tea not coffee usually), we go shopping, we get lunch, listen to music, we go to parties, movies, malls.... normal teen stuff I guess. My wkd's are always a goodtime, and during the week, school and filming on Big Love.
Big Love~ So far for me, it's been a terrific 2nd season! Rhonda as a character has been developed more and I've had such a goodtime, also it's been great to see everyone again, I can't wait for the new season to air and hear what everyone thinks of the show, I think everyone will really enjoy it!! **Oh-Rhonda's not in episode # 7 at all, I was bummed about that, but whatever works for the show works for me :-)
School~I'm in my Senior Year! Finally!! I've got a 4.0 gpa so far. My classes right now are Economics, Gov't, Psychology, British Literature, PE, and an Art class. My mom planned it for me, so this year would be a fairly easy class load for me, since she knew I'd be working, and being 16- I'd want to hang out with my friends more and stuff. Mainly, I've taken all the right classes to get into any University that I'd want to attend, I just need good SAT scores! I'm thinking Pepperdine, or Harvard or
I might just take the basics locally at UCLA... that might work out better, because I want to continue acting.


  • At 11/20/2006 11:50 PM, Blogger Fran said…

    A Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. ♥ fran todd sara + lauren♥

    p.s. January Archives: I'll trade ya skiing pics. I have some cute ones, and your digitals came out amazing.

  • At 11/21/2006 12:02 AM, Blogger marissa said…

    I'm year 10 and what class you in?


    Marissa xoxox

  • At 11/23/2006 12:13 PM, Anonymous Larry said…

    Hi Daveigh!

    Just want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!


  • At 11/27/2006 12:32 PM, Anonymous Jonathan Bell said…

    Woah. I know what you mean. This holiday season has really snuck up on us!
    I love tea!
    You should try Starbucks Frappaccino (am I spelling it right, or is it spelled like Jalepino? What a minute, did I event spell that correctly?)Pretty pathetic, but then again, it took me the longest time to remember correctly how Dr. Peppir is spelled.
    Any way,

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rock on, and God Bless.

    Blow the roof off with that Fender of your's, that is, provided you have good house insurance(along with plenty of fuses and a nice-size tarp.). Then you can move to the garage with it.
    I hear you groaning. Sorry. I try not to be too lame, but then again, I'll probably never be able to get out of these crutches.

  • At 11/28/2006 2:40 PM, Anonymous Camille said…

    Hey Daveigh! This is the first time I've really seen your blog. I wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of yours... first introduced to you as an actress after seeing THE RING (Which is a favorite of my best friend's and mine. :D) I think it's great that you're able to respond to questions by your fans, and what a great way to do it! Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong spot, but I'm a loser and couldn't figure out how to work Blogger, lmao. Anyway, thought I'd drop in a hello and wish you well. You mentioned you were a senior this year? That caught my attention, since I'm a senior this year as well. I'd kill to have a 4.0 though, that's awesome. What do you think you'll do after college? You think you'll keep acting and singing?
    Anyway, hope you had a fun thanksgiving. Wishing you the best and looking foreward to seeing what your next film project is!

    Love always, Camille

    PS love how you posted that bitch's comment and just found amusement out of it. She's an idiot who's just jealous. :)

  • At 12/06/2006 2:29 PM, Anonymous samara_morgan2000 said…


    Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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