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Saturday, June 03, 2006

summer/entourage/big love/rhonda/myspace/fanmail

hi everyone!
how is summer going so far for ya?
that's for everyone out of school.... and i guess if you're working too- hopefully you get some time to hang with family & friends and enjoy the warmer months :)
i'm trying to finish up school- almost there! can't wait to be done. mostly my summer plans are just to hang out with my friends, i'd like to do some traveling, and i also want to get more involved in some volunteer work.
recently i had the opportunity to go to the entourage premiere and i have to tell ya--- watch the show!! it's gonna be good! i only saw the 1st 2 episodes and they were real good, especially loved the 2nd one! turns out julian directed it who also directs big love! small world. he's a great director.
speaking of big love- all the directors are good as is the cast, the crew and everyone involved with the show :) and i cannot wait for the show to start filming again! i hope everyone gets a chance to check out the season finale which airs this sunday, tomorrow! time flies! i think hbo will show repeats for awhile. or you can check it out on hbo on demand.
i was at some stuff for the mtv movie awards coming up,and everyone was recognizing me from my work on big love, and it was so good to meet so many people who support the show and enjoy my character rhonda! i love that people love rhonda! granted rhonda is manipulative, but maybe she is a product of her raising.... because she is also a very vulnerable young girl, who has sort of lived a very different type of life, and people have to remember rhonda grew up on a "compound" where she was told the prophet was "it" and "God-like" and women are treated very differently than the men, as far as their rights go etc and how they are taught to live their life different from the freedom most girls experience, and told what to do with their days...being forced into marriages while still very young and with men much older. but rhonda is smart, she has seen glimpses of the real world even though she doesn't quite maybe understand the reality of it... she likes that ipod she took from sarah quite a bit, and maybe it wasn't right for her to steal it, but maybe she somehow feels a sense of entitlement to take what she wants..... anyhow, so everyone had lotsa questions about her! which is another reason i can't wait for season 2!! i myself can't wait to see what happens with rhonda and all the characters! can't wait! filming starts again this summer.
oh & most people were telling me their fave wife (of bill's 3 wives) was barb played by jeanne tripplehorn! it was interesting to hear everyone's comments. bill's backside came up several times! lol
well- i know ya like to hear "hollywood" stuff lol and i really don't ever talk about it, cuz it's not really what i'm about, but, i guess i could back up & tell ya i met the hot guys of entourage at the after party for the season premiere of the show, i had already met jeremy who plays ari, at big love's premiere party, so it was nice to see him again, but i got to chat with adrien- he plays vince and is a hottie for sure- met kevin yesterday who plays johnny, at mtv house of hype, it was nice to see them and to support entourage, i really can't wait for this season to air! hbo has great shows! so, i met up with a lot of people, some i knew, some i was meeting for the first time, it was a fun night, and the party was at a new club in hollywood called social. i was surprised when i ran into paris hilton- i was surprised she remembered me as i hadn't seen her in quite awhile, and i've gotten alot taller but she did, she is super sweet as she has always been to me, we caught up briefly, oh- i tripped later on when my heel got caught in the last step of some stairs, most embarrassing! i was okay, but i broke the strap on my sandal! i was so bummed. it was late and we were pretty much on our way out the door, so i just carried my heels. such is the life of a big hollywood star! hahahaa you know i don't consider myself like that!
i really just think of myself as pretty normal regular girl. and my friends who are actors are all normal too... i love acting so much, i have friends who aren't into acting but love sports and are super good at what they do, but besides being usually incredibly fit lol they are just regular guys too! we all value our privacy and just do normal things. well, i couldn't imagine being so well known that i couldn't go places without people recognizing me, i think that could be difficult at times, but that would also be a big compliment to my acting i know, and it's a huge honor to have people say hello, and to meet with fans who i know support my work, i know it's like a 2 way street right?
back to mtv movie awards- should be fun! always a good time!
and about myspace! i don't have a myspace at all. i actually canceled my myspace acct. i don't have time for it right now, and it's so easy to chat with friends thru it that you forget to actually see them sometimes haha you know what i mean. so i'm glad to take a break from myspace, but just wanted everyone to know i have no myspace now. my friends all know. but for fans, who think they are chatting with me on myspace, as long as they are aware it's really a poser- well, if they wanna go ahead and chat i guess they can! :)
and a reminder i don't have an address anywhere, where fans can send fanmail/snailmail to- that would be letters etc. i know i still need to take care of that. actually it's not so much up to me. i know there are fansites with mailing addresses for me listed- and they are all absolutely 100% incorrect. someone recently asked about innovative artist agency-and for the record- i have never, ever been with them. possibly if letters were sent to hbo, i might receive them? they are located in santa monica....
that's about it for now!
i'm going to head out to meet up with friends at starbucks! i love their black iced tea! then i think we're heading to lunch and the mall! i wanna check out the new apple laptop- my friend just picked one up! very hot!
i hope everyone has an amazing day and thanks again for all your support!


  • At 6/10/2006 8:53 AM, Anonymous [chram_ze] said…

    " pretty normal regular girl " lol..:D *keep on laughing, YEAH! you sure is! you are very veerrryyyyy!! PREETTTTYYYYYY! haha.. that's many guyz wanna make friends w/ you....

    *smile daveigh....

  • At 6/10/2006 8:54 AM, Anonymous [chram_ze] said…

    keep on smiling....:)

  • At 6/18/2006 5:12 PM, Anonymous Jim Norton said…

    I've been a huge fan of yours since Oliver Beene. I've always wondered..was Rhonda technically savvy enough to steal the charger when she stole the ipod??

    Love Jimmy

  • At 6/19/2006 3:05 PM, Anonymous João Andrade said…

    I miss you!!! =(

  • At 12/03/2006 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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