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Monday, September 18, 2006

sept- answering comments PART 1

****first off, i finally published a bunch of comments from you all, i guess they will hook up with whichever blog enrty i wrote, that you were commenting on, thanks by the way for those comments, i enjoyed them :) down below, i will try to answer some of the comments/questions you had for me.

****BTW****thanks to everyone for the kind comments they left about my little picture and comment in ‘teen vogue’! it was my first time being asked to do something like that, and i was and am very excited about it. i think teen vogue is such a classy magazine too, and to be picked as an “ingenue” how amazing is that? i felt very honored. and i am fans of everyone that they picked for the young hollywood picks, it’s nice and strange at the same time, to know i am part of that....

-mariel- very cool about taking tap and piano! i took tap when i was very young, i always enjoyed it :) .no, sorry, but i can’t do chiller in october this year, i would like to, such a goodtime! but i am working on big love right now, and have other committments. about letter to hbo, i need to look into that, i have received no letters from fans, from hbo so far. did you address to me, care of big love? maybe that might have helped. i’ll let you know when i find out more. and about ‘dav’ as nickname. sry i don’t like nicknames (for me) at all, but it’s sweet of you to want to give me a nickname. oh and thanks for updates on the ultimate fansite for me, can’t wait to see it!!!
----ps thanks for the teen vogue coments :) btw- picture of me in dress, the link in your comment- that’s not me lol and for the photoshoot, no i didn’t get to keep that dress, none of us did, i loved it though!

-Joao Andrade- sry! i don’t know how to get the line over the “a”... but i’m glad you saw i had already added your fansite for me, to my links page :) i enjoyed your site!

-larry-sry, no i don’t have myspace, but i know that there are posers who claim to be me on myspace. also, i didn’t go to the mtv video music awards. they were in nyc, too far for me to travel during work. i also missed fashion week :(

-miley h- thanks for the website, it’s awesome :) glad you liked teen vogue too!

-shawntae- thanks for the poem!!

-stephanie- do you know alexa? she is a friend of mine (alexa vega). i may take you up on the help, i have very limited knowledge of html etc but i still do the website for my fans, just to try and have some contact with them, all the negative stuff ppl say about the site, i don’t really care too much about it, as that’s not why i’m doing it. but maybe more ppl would enjoy it, if it was a little bit better developed. thx again. ps-link http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a325/Samara_obesseda/Bild2187.jpg sorry but no, that doesn’t look like my signature.

-luiz paulo- i’m too old and too tall for the ring3, but thanks for asking :)

-stitchfan_82- thanks for the SLS link. for ep SKIP- i was teen but not adult voice :) and for L&S 2, those producers/director were totally different from original film or previous sequels/tv series folks, and these new guys thought b/c of my age, i would sound too old to continue with lilo, also i think money might have been an issue? lol b/c they originally hired a young girl from canada to do lilo for it, but she really did not sound like the lilo (voice/personality) i had created at all, so then-- in attempt to save their movie, they got dakota to do it, and no, of course i am not upset about dakota voicing lilo! Lilo is awesome, and i’m glad dakota had the opportunity to do it, what little girl wouldn’t want to be lilo? :) the sweet thing is, everyone incl producers etc i was currently working with on L&S series- all thought i should have been lilo for glitch as well. ad i would have gladly done it, as i love love lilo, she’s part of me! ( i voiced lilo for almost 8 years!) but it was too late for glitch folks to hire me as they had already hired dakota. also, dakota is a star name especially compared to me, so if they could have dakota, why not? they think about bottom line (sales etc) and not the fact that alot of folks who are into animation are especially loyal to the original voice talents. which i thank everyone for being so kind to me, voicing lilo is one of the biggest highlights of my career to date. i loved every moment of it. and fyi- even after dakota tapped as lilo for glitch, i was still asked to do the next dvd sequel, which ended up the series. i was happy about that. and i actually miss voicing lilo....and working with all the guys at disney and at the studio where we recorded, we had so much fun! and everyone is so talented!! ......the next time you’ll hear me, will be voicing ‘betsy’ on pbs kids “betsy’s kindergarten adventures”, it will air fall 2007. and it is a wonderful voice cast! be sure and watch it :) of course, it is geared towards the younger preschool age set, but i’m 16 now, and very happy with it as a fun show to watch, and i know it will be a hit! ------ps, i do not hang out with dakota, she’s quite a bit younger than i am, but we do know each other, as we first met when i was only around 9years old- we were up for the same tv pilot, i think she was about 5 and so full of energy! she was adorable! i last saw her at dreamer premiere and we visited and she is a very sweet girl who i think is amazingly talented :) her mom is also very nice, and her & my mom visited together too. i wish nothing but the best for dakota and for her family, and really i think of them as just normal ppl, because they are.

-ringfan- thanks for the kind words :)

-jaime- zoe was the young girl in “memoirs of a geisha”, she did a terrific job in it :)

-anonymous- reminder to plz log in with a name and i will post your comments too :)

-courtney- i don’t know any guys from texas...?

-louise- did i ever thank you for the bday msg’s you sent my way? thank YOU :) and to all who left the msg’s on your site :)

-alice- currently my fave book is.... hhmmmm, i’m not sure! i do have my all time favorite books, but right now? i read so much, i can’t even recall!! i read all sorts of different kinds of books too. i’m glad you like to read too :)


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