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Thursday, November 30, 2006

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE!!!!!update on fanmail followups


first-- thanks mariel for trying to reach me thru superior!! i absolutely love Debbie, my agent there :) :) and she is so kind, when my mom spoke w/ her today about fanmail that has been sent to superior, debbie said it would be okay for me to receive fanmail via superior!! how sweet is she? i would never have asked since i'm just with them commercially, and even with that i don't really go out. so i am super excited about this because i know my fans will be pleased that i have an OFFICIAL fanmail address!!!!! yeah!!!!!

Daveigh Chase
c/o Superior Talent Agency
11712 Moorpark St.
Suite 209
Studio City, CA 91604

**Please send fanmail to this address with a self addressed stamped envelope.

finally, rec'd another email from folks at hbo, who suggested that possibly it isn't getting to correct person because:::::
"And if they send to LA and leave off the suite number, the mail may not be delivered at all as we have several different companies in our building."

ok! I can't wait to finally get all the fanmail that fans have apparently been trying to send me!!!!

UPDATE ((had to put this as new post because blog wasn't letting me edit))
hey mariel and everyone else who sent fanmail to me via hbo in santa monica,
my mom received a response from big love's pr dept at hbo.

reply from hbo:::::::

Hi Cat,

I spoke with our mailroom and they don’t recall seeing any fanmail for Daveigh. If fanmail does arrive, the mailroom usually brings it down to our department, but I’ve never received mail for Daveigh either.

In regards to Teen Vogue, we never received the magazine or the photos featuring Daveigh. I have noted Nicole’s contact information below so you may contact her directly.

Hope you and the rest of the family are well! Happy Holidays!
*******************************end of update***************************


  • At 12/01/2006 4:01 AM, Anonymous Mariel said…

    AWESOME! I'm sending a letter today, and it'll be really pretty so you'll be able to pick it out of the crowd =)

  • At 12/01/2006 6:02 AM, Blogger dave said…

    that's AWESOME!you have a fanmail adress=],
    i'll send too...
    i bet in a few months your room will be loaded with fanmail...lol,i'm pretty sure it'll happen,'cos you're a very loved person.

    i hope you had a happy thanksgiving^_^

  • At 12/06/2006 2:16 PM, Anonymous Alice said…

    DAVEIGH I am sooooooooooooooo glad you have a fanmail address now, i wrote you a letter and im sending it tomorrow!!!!
    you rock!!!!


  • At 1/27/2007 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Are you answering your mail???


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