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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just got home from Vacation!!

Hey People!
How are all of you?
Thanks for continuing to send comments to my blog, I appreciate all the great feedback! I apologize I haven't been writing lately, but there hasn't been much to chat about, I have mostly been busy with school. But --I'm almost done!
I need to find the time to go thru the comments and answer them again, like I did that last time, everyone seemed to like that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter or Passover celebration, whichever they do... I celebrate Easter, and had a very nice day with my family.

Ok, so I just got back from a roadtrip! I love roadtrips!! I like being able to stop whenever I want, and check things out along the way to wherever I'm going.
I was in New Mexico for this one! Had a great time! Did Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Roswell, and a bunch of other stuff along the way. Too much fun! bbq's, swimming, hiking. fun fun!

Guess everyone heard BL will be coming back for Season 2! That's great news!! I really enjoyed filming the first season and can't wait to get back at it. What does everyone think of my character Rhonda on BL? haha She is just a little "creepy" huh? That's the word I hear most to describe her, I also hear: innocent, beautiful (gee, thanks for that!), scared, hateful, abused,villain, enjoying her power, manipulative, great voice, sweet, sad..... I also read that viewers think Rhonda is a bit like Nikki's character, who is played by Chloe- Nikki is my 'husband' Roman's dtr. So maybe we knew each other at the Compound? I don't even know if Rhonda and Nikki knew each other, maybe Nikki babysat Rhonda when she was a baby lol, there is alot about my character I don't know. Which is why I can't wait for Season 2!! The writers are terrific and we all can't wait to see where they take our characters. It was a surprise for me to watch BL on HBO on Demand when I got home, I had forgotten I was in episode 7's "Eviction"! I really enjoyed filming that scene with Grace (she plays Lois), I think she is a really good actress. She's a sweet person to talk with. As for episodes 11 & 12, wow, I enjoyed filming them because Rhonda was developed a bit more in them. I wouldn't say the episodes are about Rhonda, but Rhonda is seen more in them, than other episodes she appeared in. It's tough, because with a show that has so many characters, they really have to focus on the main characters which everyone knows is Bill & his 3 wives, followed very closely by Roman- who is the villain so far. Then they try to develop other characters that appear in the show, Bill's brother, his kids, his parents, co-workers, and on Roman's side, his son Alby, his wife Adaleen, & my character Rhonda. It takes time, hard to get so much in a 1 hour show, and still keep viewers following along & happy. I'm excited about Rhonda, and I'm excited about all the characters, so happy there will be a Season 2!! I'm so glad HBO is giving a thumbs up, and so glad so many of you watch the show and enjoy it!!!!!

Can't wait to see what happens!! How about you guys? Let me know what you think of Big Love so far!! There is a lot of great feedback on HBO's Official BL Site- they have a Community Board, and lots of people are there discussing the show and the characters and plots.... I've peeked at it a few times, I admit it. It's fun to read what they write about Rhonda, not to much really, but still interesting.

Gotta get back to Algebra 2!



  • At 5/01/2006 5:32 AM, Blogger dave said…

    hi daveigh

    i'm doing good,thank you
    i'm happy for you,school sucks,dont you think
    did you go to mexico in a car?
    did it take long to get there?
    i love roadtrips too,
    it ends so quick if you like it
    i've had a short roadtrip with one of my favourite bands called:stone in egypt.

    i've heard you're going to make an album,is that true?
    i love your songs so if it's true, i cant wait for the release,
    you rule!=)

  • At 5/02/2006 11:33 PM, Blogger pretenser said…

    I really love the Rhonda character, she is so multi-deminsional, and may I just say, I really love your voice, I think it's incredible, I'd love to hear you sing more....


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