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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

time for 'LOVE'

wow! time goes by so fast! i've been busy lately with school & friends! mostly i've been hanging out with my friends haha so i can't complain... we just do normal stuff. what do you guys like to do for fun? we see movies, bowling, hiking, get food, just hang out and have a goodtime. :)
i had a blast at the big love premiere! that was back on feb. 24th. or was it the 23rd? well, it was a goodtime, i took my mom & gramma & 3 girlfriends with me. it was awesome to see everyone from the show again, everyone is so excited about it, including me! it airs this sunday! woohoo! i hope everyone can watch it! but keep in mind it isn't rated G. i really think the audience is gonna love BIG love!
i had a goodtime at the aquamarine premiere too! i got to see my friend sara who plays the mermaid in the film, and also alexa and her lil sis so we hung out at the party. i really think sara rocked in the film, she has such good comedic timing. i think young girls/teens will really like this movie. it's really cute.
hey should i be a film critic? except, i would never say anything negative i don't think. you know the motto, "if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all", or what about this one? "it's better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt".
guess i'll end with that, don't wanna sound foolish haha.
seriously, hope you guys are all well and enjoying life.
thanks for all the great comments! keep 'em coming!


  • At 3/08/2006 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ooooh, a new post!

    Daveigh, you're SUPER SUPER COOL!

    Take care,

    Miss Dionne

  • At 3/08/2006 2:52 PM, Blogger M. Gillster said…

    Hey Daveigh!
    Thanks for the update, I was really getting worried there. lol. I loved Aquamarine. It was, as you said, very cute. I almost want to get blue streaks in my hair now! haha it might actually be a good idea. Big Love premiere sounded fun, I'm so glad everything is going well with the show. Do you know if it will come out on DVD? We do not have HBO, so it would be great if we could rent. We do the whole dvd-in-the-mail blockbuster thing, so it would be ideal.
    Also. do you have any idea which channels the Whopper Jr. Commercial is playing on? I would love to see it, even if you don't say anything!!

  • At 3/08/2006 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Daveigh, how's it all going? I am surprised at all the productions you have been in!!! We have just had a couple of screenings of Oliver Beene down here(Sydney, Australia) and we could not stop laughing!! All the cast are good, but you and Taylor Emerson just crack us up so much.I was netting around for information on the show and characters and stumbled across your site.
    I've just realized how hard it is to write to someone whom you don't know and not sound like a complete spent twat! Ummm like your disgruntled poem writing fan you apologized to just recently. Is that person serious or suffering from a bad case of being an idiot!!
    Anyway all the best in your career and I hope all the best for the future.
    "If you can't be good, be good at what you do"

  • At 3/08/2006 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, only me again(Matt) thought I better point out I didn't mean the nice poem written by a fan, but the comment by the 30 year old man!!! That's just wrong if he asked you out!!! You handled your comment quite maturely. Good work jeeves.

  • At 3/08/2006 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, only me again(Matt) thought I better point out I didn't mean the nice poem written by a fan, but the comment by the 30 year old man!!! That's just wrong if he asked you out!!! You handled your comment quite maturely. Good work jeeves.

  • At 3/09/2006 8:08 AM, Blogger dave said…

    hi daveigh

    your friends are really lucky with such a cool,talented and funny friend.

    you're THE BEST

    take care,

  • At 3/09/2006 8:08 AM, Blogger dave said…

    hi daveigh

    your friends are really lucky with such a cool,talented and funny friend.

    you're THE BEST

    take care,

  • At 3/09/2006 1:23 PM, Blogger loveyou said…

    i love oyu!!!!!

  • At 3/09/2006 6:05 PM, Blogger M. Gillster said…

    Hey Daveigh!
    I've been working on the website a lot, I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions just email me!
    Today I went to this place which is like a public park for a town nearby, where my mom teaches Yoga. I was wondering if you had ever done yoga before, because you have done SO many other things!! I really hope you can try it sometime, it's a great expirience and really clears your mind. I do it a lot in the summer, because I have the most time that I don't have to be anywhere!

    I also have been making it a habit to go to the Fuji, a japanese restaurant my Grandparents bring us to every Sunday. It's amazing. They cook your food right in front of you, and they make it really entertaining, so it's not hard to wait!

    We're doing a ballet routine for a dance competition for the state. I am REALLY nervous, because it's my first competition. I've heard it's really hard to please the judges, and I just started doing serious ballet this year, so I'd still be considered a beginner to most people.

    I've been keeping up guitar too, I recently learned Speed of Sound and Island in The Sun. (Fell in love with it after Aquamarine!) What songs have you been learning lately? You must be really busy to be practicng guitar, It's hard to find time for it myself.

    I'm wearing my favorite jeans right now which always puts me in a good mood, hollister. I usually wear them on mondays to beat the tiredness, but we've been testing (CMTS) all week, and I'm starting to feel half alive and half dead. At least I have Saturday to look forward to, I'm going bowling!! Do you bowl?

    Oh, and as an answer to your question, I am movie theater rat (like a mallrat lol) w/ my friends; we see at least one every two weeks! Our parents are starting to get a little angry because we're away from the house so much and because we're sponging off them for Concession items! lol just kidding, usually I bring my own hard earned babysitting money, but sometimes its nice when dad throws in an extra five bucks:)

  • At 3/10/2006 10:09 AM, Blogger loveyou said…

    you have ni idea how much i love you even living like 10.000 miles away from you

  • At 3/11/2006 5:22 AM, Anonymous Marthe said…

    For fun my and my friends go shopping, dancing, cinema<3 and lots of other cool stuff, it sounds nice to go hiking:P never done that be4! Is it cool?

    Well have a nice day Daveigh!


  • At 3/18/2006 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Okay, so...

    Everybody here's always "donuts, donuts, donuts".

    And Krispy Kremes are "hot", sometimes, and you like 'em, and all. But, you ever want a BIG Dunkin' Donut?

    (in my best) HOMER SIMPSON (voice, which probably isn't that great, but it's cyberspace--so it's flawless)
    Whoo-hooo! Daveigh Chase mentioned me on her blog! ...And she whoo-hooos too. Just like me.
    She's so cool and famous. ...And now, I'll be cool and famous too.

    Post this and say "hey". So that I can brag all about it to my good buddy.

    Stickin' to the plan...

    The ... Ring

    (Poor) FRANKLIN (from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
    I think we just picked up Dracula.
    (then, later)
    (It's) A whole family of draculas.

  • At 3/24/2006 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Hey, Daveigh.

    I know this is more than two weeks late, to answer your question, but... Better late than never, right?

    Re: What do you guys like to do for fun?

    I'm dead, and suffering all alone, and don't leave the house... And
    "fun"--what's that like?

    But to answer your question:

    (I'll be commenting on the list you gave of what you like to do; and
    adding my own answers.)

    ..."Movies", and TV. If there's anything worth watching. ...Which,
    there's not really.

    Not talking about Big Love, though. ...I got HBO just to see you in it.
    But so far, I've only seen your (I think) two scenes in the first
    episode. ...I'll probably try to watch the second episode before they
    stop repeating it. And then, watch the third one, and the rest... To see what you're so hoping people will like. And because--got HBO now--might as well. ...But I don't like to see you behaving like your character in Big Love. ...I know it's just acting, but....

    What I did like, that I've seen you in... And I didn't see the whole
    movie, but of what I did see of it, this part stood out to me: Your line
    at the end of Beethoven's 5th, when you say: "I'm gonna bleed you dry".
    ...That was sweet, the way you said it. ...You don't seem like all the
    other "blood-sucker" actresses, at all. ...Just sayin'.

    Besides something with you in it, the only two shows I really
    watch/watch the whole things, are Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis. ...I've seen every episode of "Atlantis", and started watching "SG-1", after the other (spin-off) series premiered. ...They're not the best shows ever. But, gotta watch somethin', if I want somethin' to watch. ...The Sci-Fi Channel is only showing repeats now, though. Until July, when they start back showing new episodes. ...And, I watch the parts of a soap opera--"my story"--that (semi-) interest me. (Just saying, for the sake of complete honesty.) But I won't even bother mentioning which one--'cause that poorly-written, predictable, stupid stuff is just for poor "girls" with nothing better to do with their lives. ...And yet--I
    watch, too. ...Oh well.

    Movies..., I haven't seen a good one in a long time.

    Rambling on...

    ..."Bowling": I used to bowl... That was okay. 'Cept--gotta buy your own
    bowling shoes. 'Cause rental shoes--that ain't right. ...And "crazy talk", here, but... I wonder if someone could get a custom ball made, a "clear" one, with a real corndog (preserved) inside, and a little packet of mustard with some being "squeezed out" onto the corndog? ...That'd be "cool", in a sweet, retarded way. ...But watchin' the thing go down the lane would probably give you a seizure, or something. :) / :( (That was
    intended as a half-smile. ...Me, trying to be happy; but still sad.)

    Something else you have to leave the house for, that I used to like to
    do: Badminton.

    Basketball. ...But I haven't played in a long time. And my goal is
    deader than me. ...Poor, abandoned, pitiful-lookin' thing.

    Ping-pong. ...I used to. :) / :(

    And I read you have a pool table; and when you went on your ski trip,
    you had fun playing board games, video games, and cards. ...All of
    that's okay: Pool, board and video games, and cards. ...Don't know
    "skiing". ...Don't think I'd want to. ..."Sonny Bono-ing a tree" like
    whoever said, in the comments section to your skiing post, sounds about like what would probably happen to me if I tried skiing. :) / :( ...I'm miserable--not suicidal. :) ...Same goes for surfing and horseback riding: Not for me. ...Though... Where's me a donkey-ride?! ...Poor donkey. ...Whatever that means. :) / :(

    A cabin in the snow sounds nice, though. Or just a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere, with no one to be bothered by. ...But, me in the middle of the woods--more "crazy talk". :) / :(

    ..."Hiking" (with someone): ...That's pretty much just walking and talking, right? ...I could probably be coerced into that.

    Just talking to someone... Getting to know them... Someone good. That'd
    be nice.

    As far as the ("hiking") nature thing: I like to watch squirrels
    eat/forage/play around their feeders (one for food; one for water), that
    are nailed to a pecan tree, in my yard. ...But I do that from my house. :) / :( ...Have to, though. 'Cause if the squirrels saw someone
    (outside), it'd scare them away. ...They either don't see me watching
    them from a window, or it doesn't bother them, 'cause I'm too far away, and they know I'm inside. ...But watching them for very long at a time, that gets old. It's just an everyday, "Where're the squirrels, and how many?" thing, now. ...Just my couple times a day "visit" to the outside world. :) / :( (I live in Louisiana, by the way.)

    ..."Get(ting) food"; having it brought: Not "fun"...but food! :) / :( ...Good food with someone good to share it with would be nice. But,
    again--what's that like?

    ..."Just hang out and have a good time": ...Someone good to just hang
    out with, guess you can't help but have a good time. :) / :( ...Pretty much everything is better with someone else there with you, I
    guess. ...Even just sitting silently. :).

    Mostly, though... What I'd like to do for fun--anyhow I'd really be
    work, is learn to drive, and cook, and whatever else I need to know to
    be able to take care of myself/someone else--with someone else. ...You know...grow up, together. And "up", right. ...Not the way I am now; and all alone.

    Work on (home-brew) "blueprints" for a house, or whatever, to live in.

    And "plot" how to save/fix the the stupid, stinkin' world.

    ..."Normal stuff". ...Pretty much, like you.

    Well, there you go. ...That's what you get for askin' me a question... I answer it. ;)


    P.S.: No need to reply to my (late) answers on your blog. ...I was just

  • At 3/28/2006 5:55 AM, Blogger dave said…

    hi daveigh

    i like to make music with the band i'm in called''growing pain''.
    and i like to do all those things that you do too.

    i like your motto:if you dont have anything good to say,dont say anything at all.

    do you mean with that that if someone says for example;i hate that person''
    that guy/woman who says that can better shut up?

    well,have fun and take care,



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