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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

tuesday feb 7th


what's everyone doing this week?
if you like GORE-- as in gory bloody movies haha go see FINAL DESTINATION 3!!! i went to the premiere for it last wk and it was wild! i will never ever get in a tanning bed- not that i had planned to, but now, for sure never. i am not real excited about roller coasters right now either, and the subway? forget it! haha ok, i'll prob still take the subway, like if i'm in toronto or something lol if you're a screamer- you'll be hoarse after this movie, in a premiere, you are seeing it w/ the stars of the movie, as well as the actual filmmakers, producers director etc, and you know they've all seen it alot by time it hits premiere nt, so if they are screaming, or their friends and relatives are, usually, that means, the general public who hasn't seen it in editing or filming etc, well- they are most definitely going to be screaming & squirming! i did a few times, a woman to my right almost burst my eardrums during one scene!! so definitely go check it out!!

the other prem i went to was for firewall and it was good too. my mom loves harrison ford. this film is basically about home invasion, robbing a bank, saving your family. carly schroeder is in the film as ford's dtr, i worked w/ her on an episode of cold case, she's a sweet girl. virgina madsen is the mom and she was really good in her role. i think she's a terrific actress!

on sunday, i had a photoshoot.-for this photoshoot- it was for a photographer who is having an artshow at a museum, and if the shots turned out, i will be 1 of 5 girls in a poster for it. at least i think that is what was happening. maybe also some shots in the actual show.
jonathan is amazing, i loved seeing his work, he took some pix of me alone as well. i've needed new headshots for like forever, so can't wait to see them! i'll be looking older in em. well, really- he provided hair & makeup- and my eyes were so awesome! sharon made us all look amazing!! wait, we look amazing anyways haha but really, she really blew up our eyes! i will totally post my new headshot on my site here as soon as i can! will also put it at imdb. not sure how that works but i know everyone is like "change your imdb picture!" and so i should.
i can't do anything about sharing the group shots jonathan took because they are copywrighted and his work, for his show, but possibly after the show, my mom snapped some snapshots of us all, but right now, we promised jonathan not to show them to anyone, if we are ever allowed to even. and really, he'll give us all pix that he took, and who needs a snapshot when we can have the masters actual work ya know??

i'll be doing another photoshoot w/ jonathan this week!! he wants to spend more time with me and i'm so excited!!!! because he's going to have a stylist there for me too! yippy! and sharon has promised to take me around to the all the fashion houses/ designers and hook me up with them. that would be amazing!! i would LOVE that!

almost forgot- i did a burger king commercial thurs& fri.
i'm actually the dtr of "whopper" and my mom is normal like me, but my bro is "whopper jr" and it was alotta fun to see them in their burger suits! i was craving a whopper the whole time. seriously! so in this spot, i'm just sitting in kitchen. i had brought my pink raybans, ipod, and cell to set, so the direct who is the amazing David LaChapelle, wanted me to have them with me as i'm sitting at the kitchen island. i'm listening to my ipod-- check it out too! isn't it cool! my Gramma is so sweet to me :) :) kudos to my Gramma!--
this commercial isn't airing yet. since we just did it lol not sure when it will be. maybe 4-6 wks? it's a national network spot so it should show everywhere and hopefully everyone will think it's good! if it works out, me & my new BK whopper family will be doing several more spots! i just had a lot of fun filming this spot, it was fun to do and everyone was so nice. fun crew. AND i met jennifer! she plays whopper jr's girlfriend! turns out i'm 1 month older than jennifer! so we're both 15 and it made it that much more fun, we're planning on hanging out alot! she wants to go surfing. so it's always awesome when ya make a new friend :) you guys will have to let me know when ya see this commercial airing!! i don't watch alot of tv so i'll probably miss it. oh- and there might be a short 15sec spot i'm not in... so sad. i turned into a pumpkin after 9 1/2 hrs on set, so i had to leave and they still had that spot to film. so that sucks bigtime. not sure they could edit me in or not..... would be cool!

let me know how ya are!! till then....


  • At 2/07/2006 10:59 PM, Anonymous [chram_ze] said…

    hi! how's it goin'?

    eeeewwww! sounds like FD3's will gonna be a lot of screamin'lol..haha
    i'm excited! i'll watch it soon if i have time:)..

    btw...can't wait till the premiere of your show BL... i wanna see you....BADLY!! lol..hahaha, i just can't wait. i hope airs here too in my country..:)

    tc and everything, my daveigh ^^
    smile.. :)

  • At 2/08/2006 7:55 PM, Anonymous shawntae said…

    i wanna see FD very badly!! it looks awesome!! i also looooooove carly, i cant wait to see firewall. Paul Bettany is amazing too. great days

  • At 2/09/2006 5:53 AM, Blogger Marthe said…

    Hi!! you wanted to know how I was.. well I'm great, n' you??
    hows school n' stuff?

    Well u'r a real good singer and I just wanted to know if you had some cool pictures you could send me!? Coz' I'm making a website, if thats ok with you that is.. u can just mail me on : Tribulation_91_Zipp@hotmail.com or something =) and let me know both ur answears!!

    well, kisses from Marthe and by the way: Your the best actor ever!!

  • At 2/09/2006 6:39 PM, Anonymous Brennan said…

    daveigh, hope everything is going well for you.

    I have to admit, I didn't watch lilo & stitch until just recently because I thought it was a silly kids movie. When I finally watched it on disney channel, I loved it, it is definitely one of my favorite disney films. The voice acting was very expressive in this film, I got a little teary-eyed when Lilo and her sister had the big fight and when Stich went to look for "home".

    I had heard your name before but didn't know much about you until I went to Lilo & stitch's imdb page and saw your name. Thank you for putting so much effort into Lilo's voice, it made the film that much more special for me.

    By the way, I like the music clips you've posted online. Are you looking to do a country album or a pop/rock one? I think you would do a good job with either, though I hope you do a pop album. I've really enjoyed Hilary Duff, Skye Sweetnam, Aly and AJ and Brie Larson and I'm really looking forward to Sara Paxton's CD. Have you ever met any of them? I think a movie/tv series with you and sara paxton would be really cool, as you are both very expressive in your acting.

    bye for now, love reading your blog.

  • At 2/10/2006 12:25 PM, Anonymous emily said…

    lol. i cant wait to see your commercial! i want to see it sooo badly! lol. i havent really seen much of you besides in photos soo i cant wait!! lol.

  • At 2/23/2006 4:49 AM, Anonymous Tanya said…

    I definitely wanna see final destination 3 the movie looks like it would be really scary.Daveigh have you seen house of wax? I just saw this movie and it really freaked me out if you like scary this movie is for you.

  • At 3/29/2006 7:43 AM, Blogger dave said…


    did you've seen halloween 6?
    there's not much gore in it,but i think michael myers is very cool,especially how he takes his time to walk slow when his victims run away fast and his mask is simple,but also very cool,dont you think?

    it's actually very interresting to know the reasons why serialkillers kill and why cannibals eat other people,dont you think?

    but what's the most interresting is you and your talents,and you have a lot more than any other person on this planet can and will ever have,i like your songs too i cant stop listening to them,
    will you record a new song soon?

    and take care,

    dave =)

    p.s.;this may sound strange,weird and you might think;what a strange guy,
    when i was staring a my ac/dc dvd,
    i found your name and somethig else that fits with you in their name;
    Amazingly Cute/Daveigh Chase.

  • At 4/03/2006 11:03 AM, Blogger dave said…

    hi daveigh

    sorry that i send so many comments,
    but i just like to mail a lot especially when i can mail to my idol and the most talented girl in this universe =)
    i already have a few celeb.friends,
    do you want to be my friend too?
    that would be cool.

    take care,
    thanks again for leaving a comment,a comment maybe sounds like not much,but it means a lot to me.thanks again,=)=)=)

    by the way,
    if you like gore,check these sites out,
    i hope you like them,'cos a lot of people dont.
    becouse of the''obscene''things.




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