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Thursday, April 27, 2006

comments regarding my blog

I just tried to read thru some of the posts, there are soooo many! Thanks for all of the kind posts :) I tried to post as many as I could read. I will try to answer them/others soon!!

Again, I keep getting posts from some who say I am not the "real" Daveigh; also getting posts regarding myspace.com. I thought I cleared that one up?

For the record, again (lol) I DO have a myspace acct that is set to PRIVATE and it is only for my friends that I actually KNOW & spend time with. I am aware that there are many myspace sites who are posers saying they are me, but they aren't, I do not reply to fans on myspace. So if you are a fan & I replied to you--- that was NOT ME! A poser replied to you, as me. There is even a myspace poser that has a very similar name as mine, to her/his site, they say they are me and they post comments on various other myspace sites , acting like they are me. There is nothing I can do about all the posers. But just so everyone knows again---
I do not replay to fans, and that includes people who write songs for me on mysace too. I appreciate these fans who write songs and poems and have fansites for me on myspace, and even the posers in their own way, they are my fans and wanna be like me I guess, (?) I just don't like them pretending to actually be me. I'm really just simply a person too. We all are, and we're all unique in our own ways, people should be themselves.

Lastly, I do not:
I do not send 'secret' messages to anyone thru my blog, email, or myspace accounts. My blog is a blog, I try to write when I can, and when I might have something somewhat interesting to say.

I do not check my blog all the time, but I will try to do so more often. I appreciate that there are fans of mine out there who wish to communicate with me, and right now, this blog is the best way to do it.

I do not plan on having any type of video conference (though it's a terrific idea and I know others who do video),

I do not plan to ever call any fans on the phone or to email them thru their personal email accts- I will try to answer questions thru this blog, questions that are reasonable and not too personal,

I will not & do not want to meet anyone from this blog in person, I do meet fans when I'm out sometimes, and they are always very nice, I am sure many people on this blog, are also very nice, I also think they are smart enough to know it is never a smart idea to meet anyone from the internet- I have a lot of fans who are kids, and I HOPE they would never agree to meet anyone in person, that they have chatted with online--that is NEVER SAFE--so please don't do it.
***Always tell your parents if anyone tries to set up a meeting with you!! Alot of time freaks/predators pretend to be kids, and they aren't. So just be aware. It is for my safety and yours that I do not meet people from the internet. This way, you know if someone posing as me says they will meet you- you KNOW IT ISN"T ME! Again, Be Safe!

Stay safe!


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