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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

not doing chiller in june....

sry bout that! i've enjoyed going there 2 times, everyone is super there, i always have the best times and i love getting to meet so many of my fans in person, it's a great event!! i loved the new jersey hotel where it took place at and mostly though i hang out in nyc while there. this june, it's at a new place, so i've heard it might be a little different than past years, so hopefully they'll work out the kinks and i'll be back in october, then again---- i might not be able to get away in october, that's always a tough time to take off for me. so we have to wait and see but for sure- no i won't be at chiller in june.



  • At 5/03/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger M. Gillster said…

    :( :( :(
    Please do it in October! It's the one reason I get up every morning! (no pressure) Just kidding. But I might be able to drag my parents down to NJ this October, and we have friends that go head over heels for things like this! I wish I could get to see you somewhere else, but that's pretty much the only time you come to the east coast. You don't even have a fanmail address, so the only way to get your autograph would be to meet you in person. Which sounds really stalker-ish. Please at least do some event in NYC or something! I hate having to break down and be the weird desperate fan. You know that's not how I want to come across. It's just I was SO happy when I realized that Chiller was happening in June. And now, you're not even going. I'm sorry Daveigh. I'm so whiney.


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