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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's been awhile!

wow! cleaning out office filing cabinet and i just found info for this blog!!! i had completely forgotten that there was a website for daveigh! which yes it would be her "official" site, for what it's worth lol and also this blog.
oh- first i should say- i'm not daveigh, i'm her mom cathy, and i thought i'd see if info for this blog was accurate and it is and so here i am. writing probably something no one is going to read? but i do see there are lots of comments that have been sent in over the last couple years.... so maybe someone might read this? if not, no biggy.
ok so i have the website info too but i'm no webmaster or whatever they call themselves? i'm not even sure how to input the info i have! but, i'm going to try!!! why not, it'll be fun and give me something to do---- ok that's a lie! i don't have a lot of free time available, and when i do- sitting at computer does not exactly sound like a fun way to spend it? but i do want to try and do something with her website! it's pretty hokey as it is. i bought something called freeway express- i have imac- so i will see if i can figure it all out, and come up with something better than what currently exists. and also i will try and update it too. so if anyone does stumble upon it- it will be more accurate.
as far as this blog goes?
i'm not really sure what to put here? i don't go online often and i'm not into reading blogs etc from others, i don't have myspace etc, don't care about that stuff. don't have time for that stuff. so what do i do with a blog?
looks like in the past it has been a place where "fans" comments were posted and answered. or not. so i could try that. if people wanted to post stuff or leave comments whatever, i could post them to blog and i could answer them too if i was able. i mean, if i know the answers etc.
so i could try that. if anyone wants to let me know what this blog should be like, any ideas? let me know. i will see what i can do. i guess with all positive comments that there will also be negative ones as well? so i won't waste my energy reading those. i prefer to keep things light and positive. too much negativity in this world don't you think? so there it is. i will post this now and see what happens!
oh- how do you make it so people know a website or blog exists? and that it is real and not fake? i mean, i've admitted i'm NOT daveigh, but her mom. i want people to know that's true. and whatever i put is also true. from me.
and before i forget!!
a friend emailed me about me having a bebe space? a myspace or something. idk!! and it's NOT me!!!!! i honestly have no sites like that! i promise. also daveigh has no PUBLIC myspace etc sites! she doesn't i swear! wait! she has a music one. called www.myspace.com/daveighmusic and it is her only space open to the public. i'm not sure how often she goes or if anyone knows about it or not.
and she does have a myspace for her own personal friends which is on private. i don't even belong to it. it's for her. she's a teen so truthfully it would be weird if her mom was a member of it or whatever. right? i think so.
if nopthing else, maybe if someone reads this- they will learn all those myspace/bebe etc facebook too accounts are not daveigh or i! some are quite elaborate and wow gotta give the poser credit for that!!! it will have site for daveigh and have me branched off it with some of her closest friends too listed and with real sites made for us, except they aren't us. i think it's kinda funny but then i realize others believe they are true and real and that is upsetting as whoever the poser is, is misrepresenting us and saying things we wouldn't say etc so that is definitely bullshit. can i say bullshit in a blog? will i get in trouble? hope not.
ok so if anyone reads this, maybe they can provide some insight on blogs.
i will come back soon and try to write something else. that's more interesting.
goodbye world wide web.
for now :) :)


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