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Thursday, November 30, 2006

i received some fanmail!!!

hey guys!
wow, i haven't posted so often, ever before on this blog, but i wanted to figure out this fanmail issue....
you can read the UPDATE post for news on it :)
and i was happy to receive ((drum roll please)) my first piece of fanmail from Wendell in Statesboro, Georgia!!!
the post office stamp was dated nov. 25, 2006... so i don't know when he sent it, as his letter wasn't dated, but superior received it 2 days ago.
and i have it now :)
for others who say they have sent me fanmail to superior~~they haven't received any fanmail except from wendell... so make sure that you used the correct address. debbie told me that some people still use superior's old address, so again, double check that address.
that's all for now!!
ps thanks wendell!!!

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE!!!!!update on fanmail followups


first-- thanks mariel for trying to reach me thru superior!! i absolutely love Debbie, my agent there :) :) and she is so kind, when my mom spoke w/ her today about fanmail that has been sent to superior, debbie said it would be okay for me to receive fanmail via superior!! how sweet is she? i would never have asked since i'm just with them commercially, and even with that i don't really go out. so i am super excited about this because i know my fans will be pleased that i have an OFFICIAL fanmail address!!!!! yeah!!!!!

Daveigh Chase
c/o Superior Talent Agency
11712 Moorpark St.
Suite 209
Studio City, CA 91604

**Please send fanmail to this address with a self addressed stamped envelope.

finally, rec'd another email from folks at hbo, who suggested that possibly it isn't getting to correct person because:::::
"And if they send to LA and leave off the suite number, the mail may not be delivered at all as we have several different companies in our building."

ok! I can't wait to finally get all the fanmail that fans have apparently been trying to send me!!!!

UPDATE ((had to put this as new post because blog wasn't letting me edit))
hey mariel and everyone else who sent fanmail to me via hbo in santa monica,
my mom received a response from big love's pr dept at hbo.

reply from hbo:::::::

Hi Cat,

I spoke with our mailroom and they don’t recall seeing any fanmail for Daveigh. If fanmail does arrive, the mailroom usually brings it down to our department, but I’ve never received mail for Daveigh either.

In regards to Teen Vogue, we never received the magazine or the photos featuring Daveigh. I have noted Nicole’s contact information below so you may contact her directly.

Hope you and the rest of the family are well! Happy Holidays!
*******************************end of update***************************

Friday, November 24, 2006

november comments

marissa- yes, i’ve met hilary duff and yes, she has always been nice to me, i’m glad you like lilo & stitch! thanks for all the nice comments :)

alice- ppl still remember who samara is ? haha jj... sounds like you had a good time!

chase-i am hoping to complete my senior year this spring. i was 2 grades ahead, and i would have graduated last spring at 15, but my mom didn’t want me to be so far ahead. so now it’s this spring.

polly-i hope to get to england one day! glad you’re a fan!!

shawntae- i really like ginnifer goodwin too, she’s sweet. not sure about Christmas yet, how about you?

thanks to everyone for happy thanksgiving wishes :)


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

reply to comments~~~

Stitchfan 82~ Whoah! thank you for sharing, that’s an interesting uh “discussion”! that was Stitch Mania for sure! plz check out “sept comments” where I answered your previous comment!

Mariel~ I’m here! Yes, been busy, but who isn’t? Your letter to Superior? Haven’t heard a thing about it from Debbie, she’s been my commercial agent since I was 8years old. Absolutely love her too! I used to audition for a lot of commercials, but then got too busy with other things and was advised not to do commercials. I’ve never been a huge commercial kid so that was fine for me. And I only saw Debbie and Jody (from Superior) for the first time in over a year, a few months ago- we had lunch. No mention of a letter then, and we haven’t spoken since. To be fair, I only go on a handful of commercial auditions each year, and for 2006- I haven’t been on any commercial auditions since last spring. I did that Burger King spot way back, and that was about it. When did you send letter to Superior? Since they are commercial agent for me and I don’t really even do commercials, they may not feel like they should pass fan mail which has nothing to do with commercials, on to me. That’s why I have never listed them as address for fanmail- Because that’s not what Debbie does for me,I rarely do audition and because fanmail usually has to do with film stuff/ or tv stuff and not commercials, which is what Debbie does for me. But then, it’s just one letter, so you’d think someone would forward to me or call and ask me to pick it up. I’ll call them and find out about it okay?

Lilith~thanks for the comment! welcome to my blog :)

Matheus~ sorry! I am not in the loop at all about the RING3 or much of any other project going on right now. I won’t be available for new projects till late next spring or early summer, so I don’t really keep up on stuff. but for R3- I’d guess I’m way too old and tall to ever be Samara again, but I was able to be in the best of them so I have no complaints :)

jonathan bell~ thanks for writing... yes, i think it’s wonderful that you are a Christian. good luck with everything that you want to do.

daniel~ thx for the comment, glad you like my work, those 3 films are faves of so many people! me included!

dave~ thanks for the beautiful eyes comment. and yes, haha you do have very long posts.

Joao Andrade~ thanks for comments! hope you are enjoying life as well.

lovely daveigh~ welcome! & yes, i know dakota, she is sweet. i think she is a terrific actress. but no, we do not hang out- i’m quite a bit older than she is.

Nick~ i guess when i start making millions lol that you’ll hear about it in the tabloids lol seems like they always gossip about that kinda thing with celebrities, but for now, i’m just like any struggling actor trying to make it in a very tough & demanding business.

thanks shawntae, polly, chase, larry,kayla, ben, alex and everyone else for leaving comments! hope you all are having a wonderful day :)

November!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow! Can't believe it's already November! It's almost Turkey Time!!
I didn't realize it, but I never posted a blog I wrote back in Sept!! I guess I forgot, but I answered some comments etc, so it's up now! Sorry it is way late, I should have checked to see that I'd actually posted it!
Well~~Did everybody have a spookalicious Halloween????
I went to a halloween party and hung out with friends... I dressed up as a flowerchild, not to original I know, but super easy and I looked groovy haha! I actually had to work on Halloween and didn't think I'd be off in time to do anything, so it turned out to be a good night for me.
What's everyone up to this time of year???
I've been doing schoolwork and I hang out with my friends alot, Nothing too exciting, we just hang, get coffee (I love Starbucks! but I drink their black tea not coffee usually), we go shopping, we get lunch, listen to music, we go to parties, movies, malls.... normal teen stuff I guess. My wkd's are always a goodtime, and during the week, school and filming on Big Love.
Big Love~ So far for me, it's been a terrific 2nd season! Rhonda as a character has been developed more and I've had such a goodtime, also it's been great to see everyone again, I can't wait for the new season to air and hear what everyone thinks of the show, I think everyone will really enjoy it!! **Oh-Rhonda's not in episode # 7 at all, I was bummed about that, but whatever works for the show works for me :-)
School~I'm in my Senior Year! Finally!! I've got a 4.0 gpa so far. My classes right now are Economics, Gov't, Psychology, British Literature, PE, and an Art class. My mom planned it for me, so this year would be a fairly easy class load for me, since she knew I'd be working, and being 16- I'd want to hang out with my friends more and stuff. Mainly, I've taken all the right classes to get into any University that I'd want to attend, I just need good SAT scores! I'm thinking Pepperdine, or Harvard or
I might just take the basics locally at UCLA... that might work out better, because I want to continue acting.