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Friday, May 05, 2006

links page

ok, i think i fixed everything?!?

mariel---->i deleted the link you wanted and changed the name, but the link isn't working-- soooo can you plz double check the link.... if you want the other link posted- send it to me again, if i messed up, sry bout that :(
and thanks for the gallery louise :)
thanks to stephanie and alice for their sites too.
and to lena- that forum doesn't work? (mariel?)
that's it for now.



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

WEBSITE// comments

i've spent a little time today trying to update the site somewhat.
and finally adding links- but could everyone who has fansite for me, that they want listed go to the links page and make sure they have their site listed?? some of the links i was given, did not work, so plz doublecheck if you don't see your fansite addy listed ok?? i appreciate the effort :)
i also need the actual names of the sites. how you would like them listed. i think i got most correct but let me know if i messed up on any of them.

question-MARIEL- which site did you want me to list?? both are quite nice though i could tell that the one i listed first is newer. plz let me know, or if you'd like both left- whatever :)

ALICE- the website addy you gave me doesn't work- could you double check it for me plz?? (www.daveighchasefans.tk)
i'll finish up w/ this tomorrow.

♥ special thanks to Louise, Mariel, Emily Rocio, whoever did the gallery (no name?) and to Stephanie!!


ps in going thru and posting various comments from you guys, that go all the way back to march (wow) i found some that i wanted to answer real fast:::::
dave- sry dude but i have never went to your blog and left any comments, neither has my mom-- i only leave comments on my own blog here.
mariel- i think i got that necklace at armani exchange on 5th avenue in nyc. it's pretty huh? thx :)
samara morgan- glad your a fan of samara :)

not doing chiller in june....

sry bout that! i've enjoyed going there 2 times, everyone is super there, i always have the best times and i love getting to meet so many of my fans in person, it's a great event!! i loved the new jersey hotel where it took place at and mostly though i hang out in nyc while there. this june, it's at a new place, so i've heard it might be a little different than past years, so hopefully they'll work out the kinks and i'll be back in october, then again---- i might not be able to get away in october, that's always a tough time to take off for me. so we have to wait and see but for sure- no i won't be at chiller in june.