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Thursday, October 20, 2005

news on Big Love & betsy!!

hey guys,
good news or bad news first?
hmmmmmmmm....... we'll go w/ the bad stuff....
just heard that "big love" isn't going to air this january!!!
hbo isn't going to air it until next summer 06!! this is a total bummer!
i don't have all the facts about why they are waiting, but i'm sure it is for the good of the show.....

and for the good news~ WooHoo! i was recording betsy yesterday, and they showed us (the cast) the first episode of ((drum roll plz))
"betsy's kindergarten adventures"!!! it was all ready to go and so amazing!! the animation was fun fun! the show is soooo cute! the voice talent -tops of course!! lol and really, it was just edited so well, all of us were laughing, i can't wait till the show starts airing!! no word on that yet, but we've already recorded around 20 episodes! :) :) another 60 or so to go!! and hopefully more after that!!

ok, talk at ya later!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Welcome to my blog!!!

hey everybody!!
this is so cool! instead of posting journal entries on my website- www.daveigh.com-
i'm just going to post journal entries here on this blog!
People can read them -or not- and comment too -or not- lol haha
i will put all my old journal entries here as well, for newbies just coming to the site to check out.... we'll see how it goes!!
i had a great wkd! hope all of you did too!!!
on sunday, 'day of the child' was so fun!
i mentored two sisters, sylvia was 10 and ada was 6,
they were adorable and so fun!!!
also very smart- they are like tri-lingual,
spanish, english & sign!! yes, the 6yo too!
i enjoyed getting to know them and talk,
i was bummed when our day was over....
i am def doin this again next year!

we all really had the most wonderful time!! the entertainment was good, i had a vip pass which gave me all access so i was able to take the girls backstage to meet some of the artists after they performed, and into the vip seating area too. but mostly we played games to win tickets, then the girls used their tickets won at the 'store' and got fun stuff! we also went on rides!! and really just did whatever they wanted to do!! we ate alot of yummy food :-)

when the girls got on their bus to go home, they had terrific gift bags waiting for them, more stuff! they were so excited!! it was so fun to see all the kids enjoying their day, and i felt so good inside, knowing i was part of this amazing day, for me to be able to give my time & share in their day, and experience these girls was so awesome. it really opened my eyes up. i'm so glad i got to mentor! thanks to daphna who heads up children uniting nations- she's so sweet, so incredible!! and william who works with her!! i met so many ppl who work with her, i can't remember all their names, but they were all so nice, and everyone is dedicated to helping children everywhere!! i met sharon davis, she has been instrumental also in this event & thanks also to jd who put on the whole shabang, he did a great job, and just all the volunteers & mentors, and everyone involved!! and especially thanks to the kids ♥

the girls & i at day of the child

we're in a dance contest

us with jd, after the event is over...

hope everyone's week is going well!!


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Journal entry from October 8, 2005!!

October 8, 2005

Happy Saturday! haha

Well, I had a busy week,trying to conquer math haha and hanging with friends and I also recorded Betsy... fun, fun!! And I'm excited about tomorrow, because I'm taking a friend to the Dreamer premiere... It should be really good, the movie is about horses! L♥ve 'em!!

I'm also really excited about "Day of the Child" coming up!! I'm going to be mentoring a foster child for the day! I can't wait! At this event, it's all about the child!! It'll be nice to spend so much time with them & help bring some happiness into their lives. It will probably be hard to say goodbye at the end of the day....

Also, lots of people have been visiting my site!!! That really Rocks! I'm glad so many people like it, I know, I know, still needs lotsa work!! Think of it as a "work in progress" much like myself!! If I didn't have my trusty assistant, I'd be lost-- ok, it's just my mammy, but she's rockin'!



UPDATE! I went to Dreamer premiere today and I really loved the movie, everyone did a terrific job and I got all teary-eyed 2 times! So-- everyone should go see this movie for sure! Especially if they love horses!!
At the after-party I hung out with my "dad" from Donnie Darko- Holmes, he's in Dreamer too! I visited with Dakota, she really did a great job in this film, and also said hello to Kurt Russell. I met Goldie earlier at the movie, & she's so sweet!