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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukkah!
Happy First day of Winter!!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy Winter break/vacation!
Happy skiing!
Feliz Navidad!
...and a Happy New Year!!!

Just want to wish everyone happy holidays this year!
What plans does everyone have for the holidays??

I spent some time on Dec. 9th at the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Christmas Party, it was alot of fun! This is an annual party held for all the children who stay at Camp Ronald McDonald, and their families. I was glad I could go since I was unable to make their Halloween Party Benefit. I met many fans and was able to sit and sign autographs, there were a bunch of us signing that day. It was held at the Warer Bros. Ranch, and it was a nice turnout, even though the day itself was a little cold, and windy. Everyone was having a lot of fun :) There were fun rides, lots of toys being given out, a stage with live music, and all kinds of good food!! The families all seemed like they were having a great time!

Happy Holidays!


you are the 2nd person to send me fanmail!!!
just wanted to say thanks for the nice letter and the poem too!