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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

All Journal entries from September 2005!!!!

September 27, 2005~~

Hey to all my girlies and all my boys too!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody for all the nice emails & feedback about new song Fallin' added to my Music page! It's so great that so many
people like it as much as we do!! Ya'll are purty purty AWEsome!!!!!



September 20, 2005~~

So Hey again! How is everybody?

I've had a busy month! Finished up Big Love, enjoyed the wrap party! I'm working on Betsy right now. Still can't wait to see the first completed episode! The animation so far looks so fun!
Other than that- hanging with friends! shopping! my music
& just focusing on school, I'm in 11th grade.

I adopted a new rottweiler pup, he's adorable, so sweet! I got him from the A Wish For Animals foundation. They were at Kari's pre-emmy style lounge! (Thx Frankie)
As soon as I saw him, instant ♥XOXO♥!

What else is happening? I had fun at the Emmy after parties! It's fun to put on a pretty dress and go out!

& I'm excited----I'm going to my friend Chris' book party tomorrow nt,
I get to bring one of my pups- I'm taking Cody! It's to celebrate his new book called "Pets and their Stars" & everyone should go buy a copy
because all the proceeds
from it goes to help Linda Blairs animal foundation that she has been doing for years.
I met Linda at a convention- when I met Chris too! Linda was Reagan in The Exorcist. She has a stunt double who tried to take credit over
the years
for Linda's work. & I had a similar thing happen too! small world!!!! Chris is a super sweet guy & a terrific photographer, and we're
going to work
hard to find a time for him to photograph me with my pets :) :)
So, you won't see me & my cutie-pie pets in this book, since we never managed to make the time for it,
even though
Chris tried a million times- MOM! hahaha jj! It'll happen eventually! & I'm sorta glad we waited because now I have Cody! and Rudy!
But go buy Chris' new book!!

Guess I better get going, homework to do!

I hope everyone is having a good day & I hope everyone did what they could to help the Katrina
victims/people/pets who need
help to get back on their feet. They still need our help.....Actually, lots of people all over our country need help.... It's a crazy
world that we live in, but still; it's also a beautiful world :)



ps= Thanks everyone for visiting my site!! I know it still needs a bunch of work, but it's coming along!!

--------->can't wait to see jackie- my super fun college frosh girlie! and zac too- my defected from osu to nyu (who could blame him?) bud! ;)~

pss= I was chattin with Pink (who totally rocks & is also really sweet) & she told me she loved my work & I totally freaked her out when she saw The Ring, so it was the mutual admiration society lol

Rudy! Isn't he sooooo Cute!?!♥
with Chris & Cody!!


August 31, 2005~~

Hey Ya'll!! What's going on? I wanna welcome everyone to my new site. It's pretty basic and hopefully will get better and better!! I know there
are a lot of good people out there who have enjoyed some of the work
I've been able to do, and I just wanna say thanks to them! You guys Rock & I just feel so blessed to be doing something that I love so much!!
If it all ended tomorrow, I feel like I've accomplished so much already :)

Hard to believe summer is over!! I've had a busy summer, working on Big Love, a new show for HBO- I think they are going to schedule it for this
January; it's not for little kids, subject matter lol and I just had the
best time working on it! I love everybody associated with it & the cast is just so amazing, I play a girl named Rhonda & it's an interesting
character to play for sure! It's been fun to see all the different characters
being established as the filming went along, everybody is such a good actor, but I don't wanna say too much and give anything away, but I think
it's okay to say that Rhonda's big episodes are # 11 & 12, yah, at the end of
the season, but it's worth the wait. And don't miss #6, everyone loved this episode! I can't wait to see what happens with all the characters
for next season # 2!!! That sorta sounds weird huh? Since Season #1 hasn't aired yet.....

In July I finished up recording Lilo
for the tv series and a new dvd that's gonna be released next spring~ It's going to be called "Leroy & Stitch" & I can't wait!! You guys are
gonna love it so much- the storyline is soooo good! I just love Lilo :) I'm so
sad that everything for L&S has come to an end :( I'm gonna miss going into the studio every wk! I worked with some great people! Right now,
I'm working on a new animated series called "Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures" and
I voice Betsy. It was perfect timing too! I love voice over work so much and was wondering what I should do next, after Lilo, and there
was Betsy!! The cast is awesome and so is everybody on the production side, recording sessions are so fun! Can't wait for you guys to meet
Betsy and all her friends!

Well, besides workin,I also just had
a lot of crazy fun times this summer. I've spent alotta time with friends, always a good time! The last year I couldn't really commit to
any projects because we weren't sure when BL was going to start filming, so I had
lotsa free time and made some good memories! I also got to go to Nashville and record! We stayed with friends at their beautiful home in Franklin!
I love that area! I think I want a house there someday- a small horse ranch! We had a great time in Tennessee! (shout out to the Barclay's!! miss ya!)

We also were able to visit some relatives in Alabama~ Hugs to my Great Great Aunt Virginia & Great Great Aunt Margie & all the others too!!

School starts now and I'll be a junior in highschool. Watch for me on the road! woohoo!!!!

I also just wanted to add that I feel really bad about Katrina and the devastation that she caused on the Gulf Coast. I wanna send my love
and prayers out to all the folks who have been hit by this major disaster.

Thanks again for visiting!

~God Bless~




  • At 11/09/2005 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey is me again thanks for posting! i read journal every day! i wish you could write more and post on message board more. sorry english is bad.

  • At 4/22/2006 3:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hay daveigh your dog is cute ^____^ it's me Samara Morgan

  • At 5/13/2006 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Daveigh I'm gonna miss Lilo and Stitch when it ends I loved the shows and movies. I can do a pretty good Stitch well any way my online friends know me as Jax.

    signed Jax-636


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