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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

i know, it's about time lol

**answers to various questions/comments dated back a loooong time ago, to very recent posts**

oliver beene was taped back in 2002/2003

big love season 1 is on dvd right now

really if interested in acting, a good place to start is the screen actors guild, it's our union. aftra is our sister union, i am a member of both. go to sag's website and i believe there is info available to ppl interested in acting :) :)
to make a guess, i'd say if you want to start a film career you should head to los angeles?but again, i'm not the expert on it at all and probably there are other ppl you could contact about this, who could give you better advice, in another comment i already said that most communities have some type of theatre program to get started in acting, in that way.

do i like panic @ disco & blue oct?
panic, EW. blue, eh. i like 'say anything', and i love the new timberland song 'give it to me'

closer to a size 8 shoe lol

(chase) if the crowd likes you, doesn't sound like you need any advice? also, not sure i'd be right person to give you any, but really, my only thing is "to have fun with it, take it seriously and give it your all, but keep it enjoyable""!

i'm closer to 5'8" in ht now... don't know if i'll get taller or not?

mariel- very cool you'll be able to see big love, they're repeating season 1 again on hbo on demand :)
bummer bout dazzling daveigh site, that's the best site for me on the net :) much better than mine lol maybe someone will take it over, not sure how all that happens...

yep, autographs, as long as it's cool with debbie, that addy is good :) and yes, i'll sign, just enclose a sase

i would guess starting a film career, maybe best place LA? and theatre is NYC? but really both can be started anywhere, most communities have some type of theatre program set up, and most big cities tape commercials etc, films etc.... i think you can check your local community chamber of commerce for that kinda thing?

i have no idea what is happening in chris sanders (creator/director lilo&stitch) life, but i hope nothing but the best for him :)

http://liveinlove.tripod.com/ cute fansite, thank you :)

it's late but Mele Kalikimaka!

reminder i don't IM with anyone, or give out my IM etc etc

guessing everyone knows by now that big love season 1 is available to buy or rent :)

i worked as the voice of lilo for about 8 years.... the original film, 2 dvd's, various video games, and dolls, books etc, and the entire series "the adventures of lilo & stitch"... & dakota fanning was lilo in the dvd lilo & stitch2.

thanks for comments about teen vogue! it was great fun!!
thanks for sending me this link mariel! http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/750/betsypr7.jpg

heyitsdavvy has never been me, another poser.....

no i never even interviewed for american dragon jake long, and i've never seen it on tv either, if it's still on.... this comment was from august!

i would be lying if i said i didn't want every role i auditioned for, otherwise why would i waste my time? but there were some that stood out, that i really really did want and was so close and even thought i might get... but unfortunately i didn't :( one was to play robin williams dtr in rv, that singer girl got the part...another was for movie panic room, i was 1 of a few girls up for it, lost it to hayden panettiere who is on heroes now, but she got fired from the movie i was told, and i was then up for it again but this time lost it to kristen stewart.... so it wasn't meant to be.... and another film that hasn't come out yet, i was one of a few girls who met w/ director sean penn but again lost out to kristen stewart, go figure lol and then there are guest roles on tv shows haha the list could go on....... :)

i go to private school.

it would be great to one day have a cd out for ppl to enjoy, if it's meant to be, it'll happen i guess!

woohoo! i posted over 200 comments and counting! trying to answer as many as i can! thanks for all nice comments about my work as rhonda, and great to hear ppl still watching the ring and getting scared from my portrayal of samara, i loved that role! and even donnie darko, it's an amazing movie, and the kind you can watch over and over and get more out of it each time! plus who doesn't love jake g? haha

Thursday, February 01, 2007

hi guys!

i have been fairly busy the last month, trying to get thru school so i can be completely done by mid march, as in high school finished. & hanging out with friends alot. movies, shopping, dinner, dancing... also working on big love, i (*rhonda) wasn't in a couple episodes, but nice storyline again in episode #10~ so that's cool! we're filming 10 right now, and will probably be done filming this 2nd season by 1st part of march. i've got some things lined up for after, if they work out.... i hope they do... besides getting back into filmwork, i'm hoping to head to the south of france for a vacation!! anyone from france?

and, i just got back online at home, we tried to go wireless and ended up completely losing our internet connection, so back on, but still not wireless! it is supposed to be super easy but we can't figure out, and yes, followed directions, think it may be the imac.... ? we'll head to apple store for help, and will take along my ipod which conveniently quit working 2 wks after original warranty expired..thank goodness for apple care! so hoping to get ipod fixed at same time!!

that's about it here, not a whole lot happening... oh! i finally had a photoshoot! got some amazing pics! debi the photographer is amazing! so we've been trying to figure out which ones to choose.... you know, headshots for acting, theatrical and commercial headshots.... still waiting for debbie, commercial agent, to let me know what she liked...and also, i believe she has some more fanmail for me?! so hope to have that soon as well, and as soon as i get new prints made up-- i'll get autographs sent out :) i'm excited to see what everyone thinks of my new headshot! so hopefully everyone will like them too, and it will have been worth the wait! right now, i only have old pics to send out.... from like when i was 12 lol haha

gotta make starbucks run!!!