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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this comment made me grin ;)~

i will write here soon, about august and emmy week fun, but going thru comments, found this one, which made me laugh, laughter being a positive thing, *but i should add, that i would suggest to this person not to flatter themselves, that my previous post was not intended solely for them, especially since i have no idea who they are or what they said....ok, so i thought i would share this comment with the "6 fans" i have :) lol enjoy.


Hey snob, i must say im so flatterd that you actually took an hour out of your life & wrote over a 9 paragraph thing just to 'try' and prove me wrong, it really didint change anyones opinion on what i said except that it made you seem more consious about your reputation and trying to keep your fans(which you have like 6 right?)

well your career must be so hopping since evertime i tried to explain to my friends how you oh so pathetically wasted your life writing such a long thing, they had no complete clue who the hell you where except that you played a dead chick in a movie.

K thanx go play in traffic, and next time dont shit on your fans :]

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"once and for all".....autographs

hi everyone :)
i'm getting more comments here, at my blog, which is great, but some are
not the sweetest, and i don't mind ppl saying what they feel, but i'm not going to respond to the negativity or post them-- other than this. then i'm done lol
someone mentioned a convention where i charged for autographs. so to clear that up---
i do not normally attend conventions, i went to chiller 2x, (and i will go again in the future because i love these people!) and i already brought this up in a post, but again---->
everyone charges for pix/sigs and i charged the standard $20, some do charge more, i haven't personally met anyone who charged less. 20 incl the signed pix that i do right there, personalize it however ya want, or i can sign your dvd too whatever,and yes, ppl can pose w/ me & take pictures, that's all incl and no extra charge, and also incl w/ this is just the "time" you get 1:1 w/ whoever it is, to ask questions, visit, whatever,--but if only want me to pose w/ you for pix etc, it's standard $10. the deal is the 20 and what most do. and yes, i am making money, not a huge amt, but pays for the days i take off to fly to new jersey, so it works out well.
and yes, ppl can and DO take pix of me sitting there or just hanging out or whatever, there is NO charge for that (!) ppl are always snapping pix of everything and there is no charge and in my own experience NO ONE has ever sent a security guard to make ppl erase their camera picture! for me or for anyone at chiller! we certainly haven't. i'm sry but that's just a stupid suggestion, the security is there to make sure everything is smooth, fire marshall also around, cuz it can get soooo crowded at chiller. but it all makes it more fun! so that is that on that!

and that's why i say ppl need to get their facts straight. charging- at a convention- this is standard, and some charge more.
also, there are LOTS of conventions i do not attend, and some have posted on their websites i'd be attending when i never agreed to, or maybe never even knew about them. i only chose to do the 2 chiller events b/c it's a very well put together production, and there is a big party at the end of it all where the FANS and the ACTORS/celebs, whoever, can all go and hang out together! it's a fun and a safe environment. it's super fun and ya meet a lot of fans that way too, the music is rock and if ya like it, it's a great time :) and no, there is NO charge at the party- and if ppl want my pix or autograph it's cool, i don't mind, but mainly, it's more about just hanging out, ppl don't even bother asking for autographs cuz at some point ya move past that. and you are having a good time. i think that made sense.

as far as the guitar signing goes? i will just say that i have the right to refuse to sign anything or to not do something a fan asked, or to not write something a fan asked. and there have been times when i was asked to write something very inappropriate, or pose in a certain way, and i had to decline. so we figured something else out. everyone is good natured about it. i have never ever had any type of altercation with a fan, or had any reason to not be nice. there has never been any unfriendliness on my part or my moms, that's not what it's about, we always make a lot of friends at chiller. btw- i did sign the dress i wore as samara :) and shoes, and socks, headcast and.....

another good convention -i think, is the hollywood collectors show, i stopped by 2x before, for several hours. the folks who run it are very sweet, i like them, it's very low key, not crazy and mainly lots of "professional" autograph collectors who want things signed so they can then resale them at their shops, online, wherever. now, here's a thought? if someone makes a living selling autographs, why should celeb give it to them for free? it's called commerce lol haha seriously, i love signing for fans, but just so ya know, there are fans and there are the pros.

at premieres, events etc, i see the same guys(pro's) when i go to premieres, i will usually sign for them, the same stuff, each time, and i know they are just going to sell it, but it's all good, i've never asked for money in this situation and don't know anyone who has. but these ppl are also kinda fun cuz after awhile they "know" you, without really knowing you, but it's like the "hey how have you been?" or "haven't seen you out, how are you?" kinda thing. but some aren't very nice at all. no one wants to sign for someone who is not even friendly, esp when ya know the person is just going to sell it.

what else? i'm on a roll here! oh- charity type events- YES i do attend several, i try to go when i can, and no one ever charges for autographs at them, that would not even be right to think about! like for elizabeth glaser pediatric aids- i worked w/ lacey chabert and ran one of the fun little booths they had set up for the kids attending to do. if someone asked for my autograph, i signed for them. or took a picture for them. it's all about raising money for a great organization- but the money is raised by charging admission to the event. once inside, it's all included. i personally make no money from it, and i am not doing it for that reason, but because i believe in the cause. pediatric aids. etc. **i've been told the kidz event that is coming up is for charity** when last checked this kidz event website, my name is not listed as attending the actual event, just listed as a "hooligan" even though to date, i have never worked with this person or this group, and have no plans to do so in the future. of course, everything is subject to change right?

finally, i can't help that i am here, and some fans are not. i don't consider myself a star or some huge celebrity, that's not what it's about for me, and no one is sending me all over to meet fans. but i do get out, and if ppl see me, and recognize me, it is nice to hear what ppl say about a project. i already addressed the po box situation and apologized for that. and i'm sorry some ppl don't like my reason. but it's what we were told and for a good reason. and no, i still don't have an agent, i have done well w/o one, but mainly i've just been enjoying life as any teen would, i took a break from acting to actually just do normal things. but now, shows starting back up, and i would think b/c i'm on an hbo show, that they would fwd me fanmail? & i agree, it sucks that ppl would be wasting money on stamps if i don't even get it. to date, i haven't received any fanmail from hbo.

& this is for ppl who talk bad about others and spread stuff about others that they don't even know, spread negative comments around etc-->some of the best advice i ever got about dealing w/ "the bad" was from beyonce, at billboard awards, i was 12years old, and we were on the red carpet, and ended up beside each other and we both recognized each other- i love beyonce's music, so hello- beyonce! and she mostly recognized me cuz---- drum roll please---- we both had ended up in a mag- intouch- for the worst dressed!! haha and we were beside each other in that layout, and btw- i didn't agree w/ the mag, as she looked good in her outfit! and hey- so did i!! haha the outfit i had worn was one, that another mag had shown a pic of me saying how great i looked! but still, what a drag to be on the worst dressed lol and beyonce told me this--- true for all--- no press is bad press! if you weren't somebody, they'd not even bother with you, they wouldn't care, but you are somebody and you are on their radar and they will go after you-- and it's all good, even the bad. she told me to always remember that, whether it's tabloids or just people spreading gossip without knowing what's truth and what's false. sooooooo

ppl can say what they want to say, and they will- but good or bad, it's all good. to some degree lol! b/c if ppl dislike someone so much, why do they take the time to bring them down, why waste any time on them? life is too short for such unpleasantness. focus on the good. focus on who you do like.

ps~ sry guys! i thought this posted but just peeking and saw that it didn't! hope it goes up this time!