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Friday, July 28, 2006

Kidz Helping Kidz event ?? (to mariel)

hi back at you,
this is what you wrote to me::
I need an IMMEDIATE response and I need one now. (lol)
Are you going to the Kidz Helping Kidz event or not? It is extremely crucial that I know. I realllly would like to go but I canonly go if you reply. Please.
my reply::
i have no idea what Kidz Helping Kidz event is, or what you are talking about? i've never heard of it before! sooooooo i am going to say NO i won't be there lol!! let me know more about it, maybe it is something i would want to attend in the future? but i can't go to the east coast---i think i mentioned before i couldn't head to nyc anytime soon (chiller etc), but if i ever do head that way- i'll let ya know for sure!! okay??
but right now, sorry, i can't make it to nyc, and i don't know anything about this, also, why did you think i would be going?
thanks for writing me, i appreciate it and i like your comments :)
and i hope your summer is going well! and you are surviving the heat!!
it's been hot here incredibly, i will be out of town most of august, and i am so glad, because it seems like it is just going to get hotter....i will be back home in LA on august 21st, just in time for big love first shoot date :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006


hi everybody~

this is a special message to all of my fans who have enjoyed my work as an actress and who support me and care about me and believe in me......
several people have sent comments letting me know that there are some fans out there who think that i do not appreciate them, mainly because i have not set up an actual fanmail address. i wanted to address this issue.

first- i must say that i do appreciate each and every one of my fans- that is the very sole reason that i even have this blog, so i can get a little more personal with the people who support me. thru this blog, i am able to share a bit of my personal life, to let fans know about various projects, and to receive comments from fans and to reply to them when it is appropriate.

next, about the page on my website regarding a fanmail address- the po box- i didn't even realize that page on my website was still up! i thought it had been removed some time ago, that was a huge oversight and i apologize. the truth is, a po box was in the works, but for safety and security reasons, i can't have a po box at this time. unfortunately, i have been advised by the authorities to receive no fanmail via a po box as it is very easy to locate someone this way. i am not allowed to go into details, but i was actually advised to discontinue any communication with fans whatsoever-- but i chose to continue with this blog, because i do want to be able to communicate in some way, however small, with my fans- to let them know i care, if nothing else.

as of now, there is no way to send me fanmail because i do not have any representation and i have not had any for a very long time. i have posted before that various addresses listed for me were not correct.... please know, that when i do choose to go with representation, i will post it here on my blog- along with their contact address.

i am sorry people feel like i am shutting them out by not having an actual address, that is certainly not my intention. i understand people would like to meet me, or that they would like a picture and autograph. i realize that there are so many fans who live all over the country and infact; they live all over the world! that is just so incredible for me to even think about! i wish it was possible to go and visit all of these places, and to meet in person, all of these wonderful fans, and to be able to thank them for believing in me!!
i don't think though, that fans realize when actors do travel around to meet their fans- that they travel with security, and that usually they are traveling because they are working on a film, or a studio is sending them for press, or perhaps they are just lucky enough to be able to afford to travel to all these locations--- i'm not of that caliber yet... perhaps some day!!

in the meantime, all i have to offer to my fans is this blog. i hope that you all can understand this, and will continue to support me. i hope that people are my fans because they enjoy my work, and i hope they know that i enjoy being an actress and hope to always be able to continue to do so... and that having people who support this, even people i will never meet- that means so much to me! i believe things happen as they are meant to happen, and i definitely believe in positive thoughts and prayer.

God bless all of you