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Monday, January 30, 2006

monday~comments, hbo, betsy, rambling thoughts

hey guys, how goes it?

responding to some of the comments i get~~~~~~
to "emily"--- no worries! tell your cousin i said hey :)

and to "samara morgan" seriously dude- or dudette lol i am not going to post your comments that have cuss words in them. so plz keep it PG :)

and to "daveigh chase", glad you like me and it's very nice that you like my mom and dog too, but you aren't me and i'm not gonna post your comments either!

and to i think "anonymous" lol haha there are lotsa them- but to the one who liked a pict of me and asked where it was taken at? guess what? i don't remember! lol been to long, that was taken like a year ago!! or more..... sry. glad you liked it!!

and to the other "anonymous" who said i wasn't a rocker bi***, well thanks alot dude! i totally agree w/ you :) i love to rock but no way am i wanting to be a b**** lol

and to "fender"- you do like my fender or you don't? i got confused w/ all your comments!! but it's all good, cuz i LOVE my fender!! i'll love it enough for anyone who doesn't :) :) haha but call me a player cuz i still want that les paul and taylor too!!

hbo news~~~~
i learned my hbo show BIG LOVE will premiere on hbo after the soprano's at 10pm (PT) on sunday march 12!! i hope everyone can watch it! it will be interesting to see what the audience thinks of it!! i'm really not in it much till further along in the episodes. like the end of the season haha. the beginning eps are all about establishing the main characters/leads such as bill and his 3 wives, but also the prophet (he's the guy i'm in "premarital placement" with). i really enjoyed working on this show, and i hope it finds a good audience :) :)
betsy news~~~~
we have been taking a brake from recording on betsy. it's been nice, but i'm ready to get back at it. we have like 50 more eps to record lol, can't wait till it airs, little kids are gonna love it so much! it's perfect for them! hey i'm a big kid and i really like it :) and we just learned that PBS will be airing betsy, it's for sure, and sony won the overseas distribution rights. actually, if i understand it correctly, betsy will most likely begin airing overseas before it airs here in us on pbs lol i'll let you guys know when!

my rambling thoughts...........

what's everyone up to this week?
i have a busy week. i have a photoshoot, and a couple events to go to and i'll be working thurs/fri..... not to mention schoolwork. planning on a party at my place early sat nt, and then heading out to go dancing later on....
......how funny! the pussycat dolls song beep just played, do you guys like that song? i do, but i like crash by gwen stefani better- how cool is it that there is gonna be a little gavin/gwen running around soon?? ok so what a small world, cuz i was out w/ my big sis & friends, just out dancin, and we were hanging out w/ nicole who is the lead singer for the pussycat dolls, this was last wk, and i just gotta say she is absolutely gorgeous in person and the sweetest girl ever !!! on sunday morning, like 2 sundays ago lol, a bunch of us were heading to sundance, i was invited to a couple hot parties there that my friends were throwing, and really- can you say swag? i have to admit it, i was excited about being invited to get some of that stuff too, i mean, seriously- can you say $400 true religion jeans? hello! WHO can afford to pay $400+ for jeans? and even if they can, why would they want to?? ((ok they are amazing jeans!!)) so yah, i was happy about that!! but as life happens, i didn't go. i didn't get my homework done and mom said no, also, we had our dogs to consider. i'm glad i didn't go cuz i did get alot of other stuff done, and almost went skiing w/ a friend, it didn't happen either. but almost. haha i did spend a nt out w/ my buddy taylor from ob, way back when, he's a good friend. and i've been hiking alot. it's my fave way to stay in shape xo. right now, though, i'm thinking i'd like to go surfing next wkd! or rather- this wkd coming up :) :) fun fun! but i think i'll be skiing instead. i love to do both. k, those are my thoughts. let me know what's goin on w/ all you guys!! enjoy your wk and have a rockin wkd!
& stay safe!!
ps my fave jeans right now are paige jeans. and antik jeans! very nice! also for tops-- butterfly dropout!! sweet!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

TIME Poem~ written by fan

here is the poem written by Jonathan Bell

As I look across the years, and see how God led me through hopes and fears, covered me with His love,
Peace and protection.

Gave me help from above.

The ways he has worked in my life, all through peace,all through strife.

Now I see, without a doubt, He has shown power throughout

My life and others in his story, His Story.

I thank Him, yes with all my heart.

For from us all will He never depart.

He has a plan for each of us, beginning with His Son on the cross.

I pray he will continue to work through me, from this time on, to eternity.
I'm So glad you like this.
Remember I wrote it because of you.
Thank You So Much!
Keep up the good work.
And by the way, I read that poem to my church a few weeks ago:).
beautiful poem jonathan bell!
thx for sharing it :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

lotsa nice comments! thx guys!!
right now, just answering some questions.....

ok, yes, i do think actress anna faris is funny! i met her at premiere of her movie "Just Friends", she seemed very nice, i didn't really hang out with her, she's older and was with alot of her friends. but i thought she was hilarious in the movie! she popped up in another movie too, but i just forgot the name of it,
so yah, she rocks!

and fender guitar- to the person who hates them? well, to each his own!! lol
guitars have different sounds, and you have to find the one that works best for you and your style of playing...
i'm no guitar expert at all though.... but i do have this amazing American made Fender, i love it, but i still want a Gibson too!
a Les Paul, it's just a different sound than the Fender, and they also look alot different too.
acoustic vs electric? well, i did start off on an acoustic! a little classic. a yamaha, not too expensive at all, anyone could afford it and i recommend it really. i love acoustic sound! but i want the more rock sound that can be heard on my fender!! as i continue to get better, i'd like to get another acoustic, a taylor!!

about a message board for me? NO i wouldn't post on it or even visit it. sry. but thank you. not my thing. i think it's great if someone wants to have one for me, and mine was fine for awhile but i prefer this better. so no, i wouldn't even visit it, not trying to be mean.

about the picture of me on my homepage. thx, glad everyone likes it so much! i was just going out with my friends one nt last wk, and we snapped some pix. and no, i'm not inside my house, i was at my friends house. thx for comments about my clothes too! glad ppl like my style, that's cool. i pretty much wear what i wanna wear, i don't really care if something is in or out, it's more like how i feel in it. sometimes the best thing to wear is just a pair of comfy sweatpants & a favorite tee!!! and about make up- maybe you can tell? i think Less is More :-) i'm just 15, and i guess i could look alot older if i did wear more makeup, and sometimes i do!! but mostly, it's la naturale. much better look for me. at least, that's what i'm thinkin today.....

my height!! haha quite the debate about how tall i am! so very funny too! well, drum roll please!!! haha
i am 5'8" right now. but i think i'm still growing.... i'd like to be around 5'10" but if i stop here, that's fine too! i'm taller than most of my friends now. it's funny because they were always taller than me when we were younger, i think they grew earlier, guess i'm a late bloomer lol haha

to person who keeps saying they are me~ rock on. glad you like me so much. but i'm not gonna post your comments here and confuse ppl, especially if they aren't nice. i'd like to think i am a nice person. i wouldn't want to be mean to ppl. and don't you believe in karma? be careful, cuz it always comes back..... what you put out there.

finally, to poster named samara morgan, i can't really post your comments cuz you keep saying the F*** word and young kids come on my website, and though i think ppl can say what they wanna say, i don't think kids should have to read it, or hear it, or even adults who don't like cussing. i love kids, and i want kids to be able to come w/o their parents worrying about what they might read. this website is rated G haha. ok, well, let's make that PG! but just keep it clean, and i'll post your stuff!!!

i think that's about it for now!
i have math to do, so gotta get at it, also wanna finish up w/ homework so i can practice guitar....
and maybe go hiking and take some pics. still lovin landscapes!
do you guys like to hike? it's one of my favorite things to do these days.

Friday, January 20, 2006

TIME Poem~ written by fan

i can't believe it! i was just trying to post this beautiful poem that a fan wrote and posted under the comments section, and somehow i erased it! the entire comment is gone..... they asked if they could dedicate it to me, and now i erased it!
would the person who wrote TIME, plz post it again for me? so i can post it to share w/ others, cuz it was really so inspiring.

FENDER / comments

i got my first fender and it's awesome! i got an american strat, sounds so sweet! metallic chrome blue. i am now definitely a rocker haha no, a wannabe maybe, still have so much to learn but i'm lovin it! wait, forget wannabe lol how about iwillbe? lol new word! IWILLBE haha so, yah, i'm excited!

ok, now for everyone who may notice i did NOT post their comments here!!
1- i am daveigh, this is my official site, in all it's glory and lack of lol
and even though i like guys, i will never be one! a man i mean ROFLMAO!!
2- i'm not gonna post negative stuff here, so take it elsewhere, or better yet, why would you even waste your energy on me if you don't like me? or if you don't think i am me? hey it's not worth it, go live your life and try to enjoy each day, don't waste it on ppl you don't care about, me included. word.

ps-- answering comment about being samara, & if i liked it?-----Answer: i loved it! i enjoyed just about everything about that whole experience! i didn't always enjoy sitting still for 5 hrs while they did my hair & makeup..... i was just a little kid but i got thru it.... i loved the well scenes, they actually taught me a little scuba for that scene! crazy huh? everyone was nice to me, and i just had a really good time. also, the producer gave me my first sony ps2 haha

Monday, January 16, 2006

Loved this Comment from Fan!

Received this one from "upset fan", Check it Out!
Hi,Im from a forum and I'de like to know why you would make a fansite and say everything is "Official".Look moron,I know your just this fat guy sitting on the PC chair eating Donuts!btw,I bet your topless!EWWW!!OMFG!Were fans not boobs!good bye!


It's me Daveigh again! My first thought after reading it was, dang!
haha preferrably Krispy Kreme! Then I was laughing.... and I was thinking, I'm glad you guys are fans and not boobs. That would be a little odd huh?
But now, I'm thinking of donuts. again. So we're off to Krispy Kreme and I'll have to write again later!! haha
Have a good day guys!
Don't forget to eat a donut :)~
and yes, a bagel will work if that's all ya have handy..... or you could cut a piece of bread in the shape of a circle, don't forget the hole in the middle, add butter, sugar, cinnamon & stick inyour toaster oven, it would be sorta kinda like a donut lol

Monday, January 09, 2006

message board~ & skiing!

Hey Everyone!

So Lots of ppl are bummed I don't have the msg board, but it's alot easier to just post here, and I hope ppl will reply/leave comments after the journal entries. If they want to lol. Also, ppl can ask me questions via the comments section here, and I will try to answer them in Journal entries :) It will be fun. I hope! haha

My mom just found out last nt that I don't have a msg board, she freaked, thought it just disappeared, but I told her I did it haha so she doesn't understand why really, but she's okay with it, since it's my website lol
So She hadn't been to the msg board in awhile, and I had told her I got this cool msg, but I meant on my myspace lol so she went to my website last nt and msg board history and she didn't get it. So yah, my mom doesn't hang out at my website haha it's kinda like my thing.

I like being able to keep in touch with fans. Let them know what's going on. I don't like posers, but I get why they do it. I think?!? But with my website, being officially from me, fans will hopefully know what's really going on with me, if they care to know. Not like my life is all that and so super amazing.....don't mean that lol

SKIING!! wow! Had a blast! We stayed up at Mammoth Mtn, which is really Mammoth Lakes, CA, - a bunch of us stayed in a Chalet right at the base of the mtn, and right by the Main Lodge! So much fun!! We could literally ski to the lifts! It was so beautiful, the view from the Chalet of all the trees, the snow covered mtns and the ski slopes, amazing!!! I was bummed b/c I left my camera at home, I brought my new tiny dig I got for xmas, so I did get some great shots, but it would have been fun to get shots with the other camera and play with the different lenses, and stuff. Next time!

OK, we went skiing, slopes wonderful, loved the fresh powder in the early morning, but kinda liked the speed from the afternoons when the runs were getting icy, we endured long lift lines & short lift lines..... freezing cold icy wind, then hot sweet sunshine- at times we were too hot haha.... hung out a bit at the lodge, listened to a band, met some hot guys lol and made some new friends....back at the chalet-- we went sledding, built a Snowman, had a snowball fight,-the chalet- which is a 2story 3bdrm cabin where the roof slopes all way down to the ground, it's nestled into the snow, completely covered & with the only windows really at the front- facing down the mtn & facing the slopes....oh-sliding glass doors facing the mtn on the backside from all the bdrms. my friends and i had the upstairs, it was awesome and we had our own bath. a good thing when everyone wants to take a hot shower after skiing! the adults got the downstairs bdrms. the living area is a big great room with couches,fireplace, dining,kitchen. very comfy, cozy and fun :) we snuck our maltese up with us, and he was such a good boy! he didn't bark and no one knew he was there, my friends had a blast just hanging with him lol cuz they can't have any pets. Cody had his own private bath too lol out back on one of the completely enclosed but still covered with snow, patios.

===we had lotsa fun together time, we ate- alot!, roasted marshmallows, lotsa cocoa, played board games, video games, and cards, and just had the best time hanging out all together in the mountains :) :) stopped in the village on way home, but mostly ready to head home lol it was a beautiful drive, and we all can't wait to do it again sometime. I'm thinking Aspen!

That's about it!

ps I'll post pix soon!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006!! friends sent this to my mom & i,

and i wanted to share it with all of you....

It seems as each year ends,
I look back and think of my friends,
What I did right, what I did wrong,
Who came into my life and who is gone.
But every year there are those who remain,
Looking only for friendship nothing else to gain.
They have stayed by me through good and bad,
Smiled when I am happy held me when I've been sad.

After so many years you begin to realize,
That a friend is life's greatest prize,
Not the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow,
That we seem to seek whereever we go.

So as I grow older and begin another New Year's Day,
I will thank God for those friends He sent my way.
And my New Years resolution will always be,
To thank Him again for every breath of life He's given me.

Then I will pray He will show me the way,
Give me wisdom and guide me through each day.
And most of all at the end of each year,
Keep by me those friends I will always hold so dear.
And as I make new friends I'll treasure the old,
For the first are silver, the latter gold.

have a great 2006 everybody!!