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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hi guys!

I was invited to the premiere tonight for Brokeback Mountain...
The movie was good, great acting in it, all around, Jake and Heath had tough roles too, both did excellent. I also thought the movie was kinda true to life, I mean, it was real. The acting was real, very believable. I loved the scenery...
So at the show and then again later at the party, I got to say hello to Jake & Maggie, I haven't seen them in so long! Not sure Jake recognized me at first, haha! It was funny, he was like "you're as tall as me now!" and later on at the party Maggie re-introduced me to their mom, but she remembered me, it was so fun! I also hung out w/ Lindsay (lohan) who I also hadn't seen in awhile, it's weird cuz I'm taller than her now, and we traded our new #s so we can keep intouch, she's fun to hang with, and I was so bummed b/c I had just missed Ali by a couple days she said.
That's about it really, got to say hello to director Ang Lee.
Oh yah! Anna Faris who stars in Just Friends, has a small but funny role in this movie too!
good night & hugs to all m'girlsNboys2!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

another hbo/big love update!!

i learned more news! big love is supposed to begin airing next march!
that's only like 4 months away! can't wait to see what audiences think of it!
rock on!
ps- they are showing promo's for big love on hbo now, i saw a longer one after rome aired last sunday! i'm not in the promo's at all, but bill & his wives are... (yah-huh, that was wife as in plural- wives)
the promo's give you a bit of an idea what the show will be about! looks interesting..... xo

nyc pictures...

hey guys,
here are just a few pics from nyc,
i mostly took landscapes this time...
also, not sure WHY but they won't show up larger!?!, 1 does! that's about it...sry about that....

the nyc skyline as viewed from our nj hotel room, we were right across the river and it was a beautiful view! when i took this picture, it had been raining--i love the clouds in this picture!

here i am taking a pic of central park, i love the colors!**hey! you can click on this pic to enlarge it!!

central park is so serene! i loved the way the water reflected the tree's and sky! so pretty! also-- it was very clean, not the image of central park that i had always thought, i'm glad it's so beautiful!!
anybody recognize warwick? he was a popular guy at chiller! he's a very nice gentleman
i got to visit with linda blair again, i'm hoping to find the time to start working with her animal foundation
i always have a goodtime when wally is around! btw-wally is an awesome voice-over artist!
buckethead also got up and jammed sat nt at the party...

btw~ for those who wanna know.... i'm wearing one of my fave ed hardy tee's, the skunk is smokin' a cig, not that i promote smokin- but very hot shirt, haha as in smokin'! a cute denim armani mini w/ my fave brown belt that i found with my girls on melrose- luv it! and the most comfy yummy brown suede w/ faux fur ((cuz i don't wear real!)) knee high boots a girl could wanna wear! talk about toasty toes! ((the white jacket is armani exchange- a girl can get cold in nyc! i went shopping w/o a jacket...lucky for me, there was AE!!)) ah, and my hair? well- it was wash&wear! haha ♥

Monday, November 21, 2005

This is my only BLOG

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up!

Daveigh's Days is the ONLY blog I have-as in OFFICIAL- besides my official message board- which is linked to at www.daveigh.com which is also the ONLY OFFICIAL website for me. There are lots of great fansites around, but www.daveigh.com is the only one I post info etc at.....

If you're ever at a site or a blog or a myspace account and someone says they are Daveigh Chase- helloooooo!
They aren't. Trust me on that, I do no post anywhere else! They are all posers and fakers and maybe devoted fans- but anytime someone tries to misrepresent... well, so NOT cool.

I do have myspace, but sry guys, it's only for friends who I know and would normally spend time with or chat on the celly with etc, and no offense to the ppl I don't add, so please do not take any, but hey, a girls gotta have a little privacy lol it's all good huh?


happy thanksgiving this thursday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just Friends!

Hilarious movie!!
I went to the premiere for it tonight and I gotta say, I was laughin' the whole way through it!! The whole audience was! So if ya wanna go see a funny movie, this is the one!
The after party was alotta fun too, I got to hang out with some old friends, one of them- Chris- is in the movie, he plays Ryan Reynolds younger bro, and uh yes, I met Ryan, he's real nice. Chris Klein was with a girl who had really hot heels on! I wanted them! (I was wearing my new heels that Chinese Laundry sent me! They're like pink & orange spiked heels, they were hot! and pretty comfy!!) The girls in the film are Amy Smart & Anna Faris, and they both do a great job too, Anna is especially funny as kinda nutz Samantha.... ya gotta go see the film lol......

What is everyone up to? Getting ready for Thanksgiving? I guess so if you live in the US lol can't believe it's the holidays already! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and eats lots and lots of yummy food! I go for the ham!! Also, I hope everyone stays safe!

PS- #1-I still need those pix posted from my trip to New Jersey & NYC, I forgot to do it last time, sorry everybody, and I'm too tired now......... I'll try to take care of that asap!
#2-I put a new song I recently recorded, on the Music Page, also put a couple oldies lol........ xoD

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

what's going on with you guys??

hey everyone,
just saying "hey" !!
and wanted to post pix from chiller!
btw did i say how much fun i had at CHILLER!
i did in last post, but i have to say again, thanks to all the fans i met! they were all so nice and supportive and just it's so awesome to know ppl appreciate what i've done, and care about what i'm going to be doing!
oh- at this show--and i gotta say that this is the only time that i know of that i made someone mad ((oops!))
this guy wanted me to sign a guitar he had made for "the ring", ((it looked pretty sweet too!))
but he already had "samara's" signature. so i politely declined, i didn't see why he needed mine, and he asked why- and maybe my reason was not explained well enough, cuz he asked again, so i let my mom take care of it hehe sry mom for making you the bad guy!!
and she's like, sry daveigh doesn't want to, she isn't feeling well, she's having a bad day, something like that ((my friend chris who works with chiller came over and said he had talked to the guy and explained the situation to him so he'd understand why i chose not to sign that particular item, and several other celebs said they wouldn't have signed it either))....but i'll just say, the guy was not happy about it and was even a little unpleasant. and i feel bad that he was upset, but still----> i wouldn't sign it now if he asked me. i'm not trying to be mean, but i think i have the right to sign what i want to, and i don't want to sign something that someone else has signed, someone who may have taken credit for my work, who lets ppl think they were me when i was me. linda blair had this similar problem with her standin/dbl from the exorcist. i guess this does happen a lot. and it's not the guitar guys fault i know, but maybe if he had checked it out more or not, whose to say right? i just know i can't sign it, so hopefully he'll be ok about it, and i'd hope he'd understand but since he didn't get what he wanted, who knows, but i just have to do what makes me feel right. but still i hope he isn't still mad wherever he is........
one more thought of chiller- some guy came and asked my mom if he could take pix of me with his friend, she was like sure!while we were waiting for his friend to come over, he shows my mom these rather sexy seductive poses of women with his friend- and asks my mom for photo approval, my mom is just like looking at him like what the heck? and he says, he wants to make sure it's ok for me to pose with his friend in these poses! my mom's mouth sorta dropped way open and she managed to nicely say, you know, daveigh is only just 15, and under no circumstances will she be posing like this with your friend! the guy was like "i didn't know she was only 15!" & he folded up his tripod and left so fast, it was kinda funny, eddie was sitting there rolling his eyes at the whole thing!
speaking of these shows, wow! sitting there in a hard chair for 7-8 hours and smilling just about the whole time, and giving autographs and getting your picture taken and chatting is hard work! it's super fun meeting all the ppl,& i do like talking to them and answering all their questions, but still- my cheeks start to hurt at some point!
ok, well taking off to go eat chinese food with my Gramma!!! ♥
here are the pix from the show! enjoy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

back from the east coast!

hey guys!
had a super good time back east!
it was so much fun at chiller! thanks kevin for bringing me back so soon!!
i got to see alotta ppl i had met before and alot of new fans & made new friends too!!!
always so much fun! i was sitting next to eddie and warwick. i walked around a bit and met some of the other celebs there. i'm not sure how many fans were there, but the place was so crowded, the line was stretching out to get in, the fire marshall had to control the crowd i heard, and cars were parking on the turnpike cuz they had no where else to park, while waiting to get to chiller.....
& had a super good time out at dinner sat nt w/ wally & gang! lol too much fun! and later on, back at chiller party- the band was smokin'! and the costumes were wild! it was awesome! i was supposed to get up and sing helter skelter but i didn't! next time! haha always next time right? hehe
k, so hopped a bus into nyc & explored more of the city!! love the food! love the shopping, love how central park is beautiful right there, this beauty w/ all these tall concrete buildings around it. love the architecture of the buildings!!! got some great pix in the park, didn't see any trash or bums or whatever, it was just really pretty in the park! i think it would be fun to be a dog walker in nyc, always take the dogs to the park :) :) fun fun!
saw "sweet charity" on b'way, it was great.
love 5th avenue, who doesn't? some of worlds best shopping! and most expensive! i spent way too much $$ at armani exchange. went into st. patrick's cathedral, my mom sat thru mass, incase you are wondering, no we're not Catholic, but it was a beautiful experience. the church is so old and the stained glass is remarkable. so beautiful!
rockefellar center was neat, the iceskating rink there is tiny, compared to what i thought it would be!! ppl were skating and having fun.....
went to the met- metropolitan museum of art- incredible! i have loved van gogh for so long, to see his work up close was amazing!! starry nights wasn't on exhibit, but lots of his drawings & paintings were, and the painting cypress! oh my goodness! absolutely amazing! also explored all the Egyptian artifacts, the tombs and mummies, and the jewerly! those ladies were decked out! and just so many wonderful paintings! it's crazy how these masters could paint a persons portrait and it looked just like a photograph! and camera's weren't even invented then.... the paintings looked so real! and the way the artists used the light too! to make it look 3d almost in some, just beautiful. did i say that enough yet? haha
ok, what else????
didn't do canal street this time, but went thru part of garment district....
no time for little italy, bummer!
i love how the ppl on the sidewalks are just hustling along so fast! it's like do not even think about stopping! as many ppl as cars on the streets. walking is the way to go and if i lived in nyc, i'd be super fit cuz of walking fast everywhere!
we walked over 125 blocks in one afternoon!!

we got a rental car and drove down the coast of new jersey, i was going to work on some songs, and we got just a little lost and ended up heading into pennsylvania! oops! so cut real fast across the state! enjoyed spending the day with damian and his family, and w/ jay too! i was playing w/ damian's girls, they are cuties for sure!! when we left, we switched hotels, to move to the one chiller is at, and we checked in around 3am and decided to go for dunkin donuts -only about a couple miles away, and ended up lost in nyc~ yes, we were staying in new jersey! crazy. the roads are nuts. but it was also sorta fun. no one was hurt, so hey why not? but we were sooooo tired! it was unbelievable! so much for a quickie 10minute donut run! turned into hours hehe

soon enough, time to head home! had to repack bags at airport cuz way to heavy overweight w/ our nyc buys... but we made it & watched fantastic four on the plane- which i had just watched at the hotel nt before! go figure!! had a bumpy flt to lax and just a reminder we were truly back in la, we got rear-ended on way home from the airport! wow! thx for the welcome lol hehe!!!!

more later!!
hope everyone had a good halloween nt! hope the kids got lotsa candy!!